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Only if it gets really bad, and you continue to ignore it. Diabetes can having problems with blood circulation and therefore if they get a scrape or injury and it is neglected gangrene can set in.

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Which non infectious disease can lead to blindnesskidney disease and amputation?

Diabetes could cause all of that and more.

What is a main cause of peripheral nerve and blood vessel damage that sometimes requires limb amputation?


Can cheese cause diabetes?

Cheese can cause diabetes

Can a sperm cause diabetes?

Sperm does not cause diabetes. It is only diabetes which damages sperm.

Can scaring someone cause diabetes?

No, scaring someone cannot cause diabetes. The most common cause of diabetes is being overweight

Can dates can cause diabetes?

No, dates alone cannot cause diabetes.

What is the importance of foot care and cleaning for people with diabetes?

It is recorded that about 85% of amputation can be prevented if the patient gets a wound treated in time. Basically, adequate foot care and cleaning could prevent amputation.

Does diabetes cause numb feet?

Yes diabetes can cause numb feet.

Will wateremelon cause diabetes?

No eating watermelon does not cause diabetes. Eating sugar does not cause diabetes, I think it has to be inherited, but not really sure though. Hope this helped.

If someone has diabetes and they have gangrene can it be cured?

No, it may progress to the point of amputation. Gangrene prouces a gas which permeates the healthy tissues.

Can diabetes cause chlamydia?

No, chlamydia is not caused by diabetes.

How can diabetes cause hypertension?

cuz diabetes cause u in fear abt ur lyf

Is a death caused by diabetes a natural cause of death?

Yes, diabetes is a natural cause of death.

Does goat milk cause diabetes?

No, goat milk does not cause diabetes in people. In fact, it is usually used to help calm diabetes symptoms.

Does smoking cause diabetes 2?

No. Causes for diabetes are unknown.

Does to much intake of sugar causes diabetes?

no it does not cause diabetes

Can diabetes cause blurred vision?

yes , diabetes can cause blurred vision . Sugar build up can cause the vision to blur .

Can diabetes cause hypertension?

Yes, if diabetes is not well looked after, it can cause high blood pressure (hypertension).

does type 2 diabetes cause toe problems?

can type 2 diabetes cause toe problems


i dont think so

What different kinds of diabetes tests are there?

There are three major types of diabetes tests. The first is the Hemoglobin A1c, which tells the doctor how your diabetes is managed over time. The second test is called the Dilated Eye Exam, which checks to see if your eyes have been damaged due to your diabetes. The third test is a Foot Exam. Diabetes can cause nerve damage in your feet, resulting in numbness, and if left untreated, this can result in severe infection or even amputation. is a great site to learn more about these and other tests for diabetes.

What is the main cause of diabetes?

The body's failure to produce enough of the insulin hormone.

What is the scientific name for the bacteria that causes diabetes?

Bacteria does not cause diabetes.

Can Diet Coke give you diabetes?

no, diet coke will not cause diabetes.

Could you get diabetes from grapes?

Nope. Food doesn't cause diabetes