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In almost all the cases the most of the brain has taken part in processing the information. Some part of the brain is primarily take part in some particular function. The intense desire of the scientists to attribute the particular job to particular area create the impression that the brain parts work in isolation. For example you have basic instincts like hunger and sex in limbic system of the brain. But it can not function without the involvement of the cerebral cortex.

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Q: Can different parts of brain can function or responsible for same thing?
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In what way does the brain function as a computer?

The brain function like in a computer,the brain has a different parts like in a computer and brain function correctly like in a computer Other Answer: They are both alike because they both control the system it has. :)

What part of the brain is responsible for coordinating body movements?

All parts of brain are involved in a general function .Motor centers of cerebrum cause a movement and parts of cerebellum make movements accurate and balanced .

What are three functions of the 3 main parts of the brain?

The three parts of your brain are responsible for balance, remembering, and breathing.

Function of brain cell?

The Brain Cell is a cell that is in our brain. the function of the brain cell is to control our body parts. or it could also be said "it tells us what to do"

What part of the brain is the most creative part?

This question really doesn't have a specific answer. Various parts of the brain are responsible for different creative methods. There is a false belief that the different sides of the brain have 2 different functions. While the brain is somewhat lateralized, there is not necessarily a creative 'part'.

Why does the brain have different parts?

it has parts for you feeling and emotions

What are the major parts of the brain and their functions?

There are a great number of major parts of the brain. One major part is the frontal cortex affecting brain function.

Parts and function of the brian?

Whats the parte and functions of the brain

What parts of the brain are responsible for detecting and interpreting smell and taste?


What parts of your brain are responsible for humor anger and sadness?

The medulla oblongata.

Do differEnt parts of your brain do different jobs?

Yes. Different parts of your brain do do different jobs. For example, pons monitor info sent to your brain. However, the cerebellum helps control movement.

How are different parts of the human brain similar to and different from the brains of other primates?

"How are different parts of the human brain similar to and different from the brains of other primates?"

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