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Yes direct cost may be a fixed or variable cost or both.

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Assuming that direct labor is a variable cost product costs under variable costing include only?

B. Direct materials, direct labor, and variable manufacturing overhead.

How do you do a direct variation with an inverse variation problem?

If a variable X is in inverse variation with a variable Y, then it is in direct variation with the variable (1/Y).

Direct labor a variable cost or semi-variable cost?

Direct labor is variable cost as it varies with the change in level of production of units.

Are all direct cost are variable?

Yes generally direct costs are variable costs but there may be some direct costs which can be fixed costs as well.

Are direct costs variable costs?

Generally all the variable cost is the direct cost . But it is not true all the time. Like Electricity bill, (Semi Variable)

What is the sentence of direct?

Please direct your attention to the display table.

What is the differences between Fixed Direct labor with variable direct labor?

Direct labor which do not vary with level of production is fixed direct labor while labor vary with change in production is variable direct labor.

Relationship between manipulated variable and responding variable?

direct proportion

Is direct labor a variable cost or a fixed cost?

it is variable cost

As rf microwave spectrum analyzer provides a direct display of?

rf microwave spectrum analyzer provides a direct display

Is direct costing the same as variable costing?

Variable costing is called marginal costing while direct costing is separate concept.

What is the relationship in which the ratio of the manipulated variable and the responding variable is constant?

Direct Proportion

Is direct labor a variable or fixed costs?

Variable. Jessica Nichole Sims

Is direct Materials a fixed or variable cost?

Variable. Jessica Nichole Sims

All direct costs are variable?

i think that's false, direct costs not variable costs, this was one of my test questions. hope that helps

Examples of semi variable direct costs?

An example of semi variable direct costs is wages. Since semi variable costs are partially fixed and variable, regular labor is fixed costs, as production rises and workers have overtime the overtime is considered the variable cost.

If a responding variable and a manipulated variable are in a direct porportion will it be graphed as a straight line?


What is the relationship in which the ratio of the manipulated variable an the responding variable are constant?

It is a direct [linear] proportionality.

What is the variable k in a direct variation?

the slope

What is direct square variation?

A variable, Y, is in direct square variation with a variable, X, if Y = kX2 where k is some (non-zero) constant.

Is direct labor a variable cost or product cost?

Direct labor is variable cost as well as product cost but for variable cost it must vary with the change in production level otherwise it will be fixed cost.

What is definition of inverse and direct proportion?

Direct proportion means as the independent variable increases, the dependent variable increases, and vice versa. Inverse propostion means just the opposite. As the independent variable increses, the dependent variable decreases, and vice versa.

Variable manufacturing overhead cost per direct labor hour?

Variable manufacturing overhead cost per direct labor hour means the variable overhead cost spent for one single labor hour and formula is as follows:Variable overhead cost per labor hour = total variable overhead cost / Total direct labor hours

Are all direct costs variable?

Direct Cost are those costs that can be directly assigned to a production process. Indirect cost were those costs that cannot be directly assigned to production process but have to allocate to production. Variable costs are those costs that vary directly with the production level. Only Direct cost could be variable . But not all direct cost are variable. Thus direct cost contains both Variable and Fixed elements while indirect costs contains only fixed element.

For two variables in a direct proportion what Is the result of doubling one variable?

The other variable is doubled