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I take a diuretic and haven't heard of this side effect.

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Q: Can diuretics cause your eyesight to go bad?
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YES Diuretics And Insomnia - The Connection Whether a person is on a diuretics prescription plan or uses substances that fall under the category of diuretics, the ultimate connection between diuretics and insomnia remains the same. The connection between diuretics and insomnia here is that urination frequency, specifically during the sleep hours, can significantly disrupt a person's sleep patterns and give rise to insomnia. Another usual side-effect of diuretics is the constant feelings of thirst. Thirst can be an additional contributor to a person's sleeplessness. This in a way represents another indication of the unfavorable direct links between diuretics and insomnia. When people put together diuretics and insomnia, the end-result is often the same - more sleepless nights and/or constant waking up throughout the night to go to the bathroom and urinate. Diuretics and insomnia pose an unhealthy combination as the use of the former can lead to the development of the latter.

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