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Can dogs be gay?

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Dogs will exhibit dominant behavior by humping both male and female dogs, but it is not a form of sexual orientation. The humping is usually only a mock intercourse with no penetration involved. It does not involve attraction or a relationship. Even male dogs that exhibit dominant behaviors will still mate with a female in heat.

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Can female dogs be gay?

No, female dogs can not be gay

Was Picasso gay?

No, but he was into dogs. Only female dogs so he was not gay by any stretch. Dogs have shorter lives so he had to change "partners" every so often.

What is tmdg?

Tonight My Dogs Gay

Can male dogs be gay?


Are more people allergic to cats or dogs?

THIS IS A Gay site THIS IS A Gay site

How can you tell if a dog is gay?

Since most dogs will copulate or hump with dogs of either sex, you can't really say that any dog is "gay" (which is a human term that doesn't apply to dogs readily).

Can dogs or cats be gay?

The word "gay" is a term that only refers to humans. Animal sexuality is quite different, but all dogs and cats can exhibit homosexual behavior.

How do male dogs become gay?

gay is a term that only applies to people. Dog sexuality is different, but all male dogs are capable of same-sex activity.

Do gay men like dogs or cats better as pets?

Preferring dogs or cats has nothing to do with the fact one is gay. Heterosexuals decide whether they like cats, dogs or both. It's simply an individual's choice.

Why is Michael Gordon gay?

Michael gordon is gay because he sucks small chinese hot dogs

Are some dogs gay-?

No dogs are not gays. All dogs are straight. Most animals mate when they want to procreate and not for fun like the humans.

Can yorkie dogs be gay?

Yes they can be gay... but if your dog is trying to get with another dog maybe that means it wants to breed

Are all dogs gay?

i think that all dogs are gay. as ive watched my male dog grow, he has made 2 litters of puppies. although he still tries to mount other males.......ive also seen other dogs do this so i do believe that all dogs are bisexual..:) thanks.

Is Don Omar gay?

well it depends what you mean by gay. i am assuming you mean he likes boys: then no is the answer. he is interested in trees and dogs.

Can dogs and other animals tell if humans are gay bisexual or straight?


Why is Jose lasalde gay anf funnny andlikes to kiss dogs?

beacuse he was born like that and he likes to kiss dogs cause he thinks dogs are cute <3:) he loves dogs lol

Is it more likely for a chihuahua to be gay?

Dogs cannot be gay, dogs do not have any reason to change their sexual preferences. Male on male humping (same with female on female) is a sign of dominance and part of canine interaction.

The way dogs drink water is called?

It is called "lapping" the water.

Do gay people like pugs?

Some gay people do, and some don't. I personally love dogs, but pugs are not one of my favorite breeds.

Can a dog get feline leukemia?

dogs can contract feline leukemia if they have gay relations with a cat.YUK!

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Gay Dogs - 1912?

The cast of Two Gay Dogs - 1912 includes: Adeline Adair Mac Barnes Winifred Greenwood Adrienne Kroell John Lancaster as Stevens Louise Reming

Is it true about gay men and gerbils?

Gay men usually prefer as larger pets, such as dogs or cats. Some gay men live in apartments where pets are not allowed, but even in these cases, they can get a fish tank.

How do you if your dogs gay?

I'm assuming your male dog likes to hump other dogs, in that case your dog isnt necasarily homosexual, it's just he is lacking visitation with other female dogs.

What are rules for dog sled racing?

Dogs are supposed to be gay so they can hump each other

Is it possible for a dog to be gay?

Since the word "gay" is a cultural term, it's not proper to apply it to dogs. Any dog can exhibit homosexual behavior, but since dogs don't pair for life the way humans do, it's not accurate to use human cultural terms on them.