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Can dogs drink milk?

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yes dogs can drink milk but only special milk you get from your pet store. if you don't get a special kind then the dog with get sick.

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Can yorkie dogs drink milk?

No, dogs should not drink milk.

Should pekinese dogs have milk?

.:] Dogs are not suppose to drink milk because it gives them worms. Dogs CAN drink milk if they are infant and just born.

What type of milk do newborn dogs drink?

They drink there mothers milk.

What happens when a dog drinks cows milk?

cows milk is the milk we drink so if dogs drink it nothing really happens its just like water if we drink it its fine and if dogs drink it its fine.

Should dogs drink soy milk?

Dogs should not drink anything but water.

What is good for dogs to drink apart from tea?

Dogs normally drink water, but puppies drink milktoo.

Why do newborn dogs drink milk?

because it is a mammal and all mammals drink milk as a baby.

Can dogs drink Latose free milk?

Dogs can unless they don't like the milk really.

Do dogs drink milk or water?


Can dogs drink milk when they are older?


Is it good 4 dogs to drink milk?

It is generally not good for dogs.

What are dogs not allowed to drink?

From what I understand dogs are not supposed to drink milk. Its the same with many other animals!

What do dogs need to drink?

dogs should drink water. If its a puppy its ok to give it a little milk but don't give them milk when they are older as it makes the sick

Do dogs drink milk?

All puppies drink milk, as this is their main source of food. Most adult dogs will also drink milk, although it is strictly for taste rather than nutrition - adult dogs can't digest milk and are lactose intolerance, so it can cause some rather nasty diarrhea.

Can dog drink milk with beer?

No dogs should never drink alcohol.

Can pug dogs drink cow milk?


Do prairie dogs feed their young?

they drink milk

Can dogs drink dairy milk?

no it can not it gets sick

Can dogs drink anything else besides water?

yes puppies can drink milk dogs also drink tea! from, katerinne newtest3

What can't dogs drink that people can?

It is not safe for dogs to drink chocolate milk. They can drink plain milk, but not chocolate. Actually, plain human milk gives dogs and cats a bellyache and they have diarrhea. Dogs ge poisened by caffeine, and almost all the yummy drinks have caffeine in them, like coke, coffe, tea, etc.

Do Dogs just drink Water?

Dogs can drink water but make sure that's the only type of drink it has unless the drink you give is made for dogs but no milk beer or anything else

Can kittens only drink their moms milk?

actually no, they can drink any mother cats milk, this may sound weird but they can even drink mother dogs milk or goats milk, goats milk is VERY good for them.

Can dogs milk be purchased?

no because dogs dont produce milk and they are not surpose 2 drink it they are surpose to only have water

Can dogs drink chocolate milk?

well....................they really shouldnt but....they can!

Why can cats drink milk but dogs cant?

Cats and dogs don't just rly on their mother because if they die, stores have bottles of cat and dog milk so you can feed it to them otherwise if both are not optional, then your cat can die. Oh and yes some milks are bad for dogs and cats