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Can dogs drink toilet water?

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My little dog did when I unfortunately forgot to fill its water bowl! But fortunately the toilet had been flushed and the water was RELATIVELY clean.

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Can dogs drink distilled water?

I don't see why not. They drink toilet water and gross puddle water.

Why do some dogs drink out of the toilet?

dogs drink out of the toilet because they need more to drink·

What do cats do the toliet?

They drink the toilet water like dogs.

Can dogs drink from the toliet?

It won't hurt a dog to drink out of the toilet they are just trying to get fresh water that is in the toilet when you flush it.

Why do dogs lick toilet water?

They don't know it's a toilet. They just see a source of water to drink when they are thirsty.

What is it called when dogs drink water?

YUMMY!!!!!! (have you ever drank from the toilet?! YUM!!)

Why do dogs drink from the toilet?

Cuz they are pretty dirty and a water bowl is to small.

What do dogs think when you leave?

Sweet! Now I can drink out of the toilet.

Can dogs drink well water?

Yes, dogs can drink well water.

What do dogs drink?

Dogs drink water. Water is the most common and recommended drink for dogs. Although, some owners may give their dog drink other than water, such a milo.

What symptoms do dogs get from drinking blue toilet water?

Dogs can get an upset stomach, the urine will change color to a slight green, and it can turn the tongue blue. It is not a good plan to let your dog drink this water.

Is Toilet water clean?

yes,toilet water is clean it is actually the same water you drink........if its flushed No, it have AIDS in it.

How do spiders drink water?

Umm from the toilet??

Why do you have to do the toilet?

because we drink a lot of water

Is toilet water safe to drink?

no , because bacteria builds up on the sides of the toilet and can contamient the water

What is the term for the ways dogs drink water?

Lap is the term used for the way dogs drink water.

Do Dogs just drink Water?

Dogs can drink water but make sure that's the only type of drink it has unless the drink you give is made for dogs but no milk beer or anything else

What causes water loss in streams?

drink out of the toilet.......

Can you drink water from the toilet?

yes, but i don't recommend it!

Should dogs drink soy milk?

Dogs should not drink anything but water.

What happens if a cat drink to much toilet water?

if a cat drinks too much toilet water it can start vomiting

What is good for dogs to drink apart from tea?

Dogs normally drink water, but puppies drink milktoo.

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