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Can dogs eat 2wk old food?


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Opened canned--NO

Dry food that's wet --NO

Dry food sitting out of bag --NO

Anything near or past the expiration date--NO


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Yes. Many dogs lose their teeth when they become very old, so they have to eat soft food that doesn't require chewing, but they can definitely eat with no teeth. Baby food is a good food for dogs with no teeth, as is canned dog food.

they should eat homemade food because there are better ingredeants and you know what you are giving to the dog By a 8 year old

they will eat it if it is not to old

Unless you're one of those weird old ladies that feeds their dogs ANYTHING, I would suggest dog food. ANSWER: The beagle is an opportunistist feeder, that is, they will eat just about anything they can, and a lot of things the3y can't. Stick with name brand dog food.

Puppies nurse until they are about 6 to 8 weeks old. After that, a domesticated puppy should be put onto a puppy chow. Wild dogs, after they are weened, will be brought food from the older dogs, and they will eat meats, and be taught to hunt, although dogs are omnivores, like bears, so they could sometimes eat fruits and vegitables.

Its good for some dogs mainly young dogs not old dogs i think

yes.because the food you might eat is old or may have poision.

"What is a dog's favorite food? Anything that is on your plate." is an old, simple joke. To explain, it implies that dogs will eat anything you give them.

This depends on how old the puppy is, if it is old enough to eat solid food-it is okay for it to eat crackers. If the puppy is too young to eat solid food- it should not eat crackers.

well the bet food for very old dog well it would have to be puena one that's what i feed my dogs but there only 6 and a half!

it should only eat wet food

No, puppy food is for growing pups, it helps the pup develop a healthy brain and strong bones. Full grown dogs should be eating food for DOGS. puppy food is not enough to fill a Full grown dogs stumach.Puppy food is good for and should be given to pregnant dogs for about a month before she has the puppies, and it's good to continue with puppy food for a while after she has them. By feeding your adult dog puppy food, she will be able to consume the necessary nutrients to provide for her rapidly growing brood. You can gradually switch her back to her adult food after the pups are 4-5 weeks old.

Newborn prairie dogs are nursed with milk. Once they are old enough to be weaned, they eat insects and seeds, and worms.

the way they get there food is by climbing into trash and dragging out old food.

adult dogs are suppose to eat twice a day as they get older its harder for them to digest there food

Because they are scavengers.

old food,rotten things,lettuce,and anything spicy

Whenever your teeth come in and you can eat food like a pie.

no dogs should be consumed by other dogs.

Baby ferrets start to eat moisten food at about 3 weeks old

Basically, no, bacon grease is not good for your dog. Dogs love it. It is too calorie dense for too little nutritional value to be good for them. It also trains them to seek 'people food'. Adding a little bacon dripping over dry dog food was an old method to get dogs to eat really cheap bulk dog food.

Most dogs do not do that but maybe he or she thinks somebody will hurt him/her or take away his/her food. How old is he/she?

If you want a twelve year old to eat then bribe him/ her with food that he/ she likes. Encourage them to try different food and if they refuse have a doctor get involved. They may be bulimic.

No, no matter how old the leopard gecko is it should not eat baby food. They were not made to eat fruits or vegetable's.

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