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Yes they can but dont eat the chicken

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Q: Can dogs eat watermelons
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Are watermelons healthy for dogs?

A watermelon is about 90% water. As long as the dog doesn't eat too much seeds, for they may get stuck somewhere along their digestive track, they can eat watermelons. But, since watermelons are mainly made up of water, they don't really contain any vitamins so, like for humans, watermelons aren't very significant for dogs to eat, but they are edible.

Do elephants eat watermelons?

No, there are no watermelons where elephants live

Are unripe watermelons safe to eat?

Yes, unripe watermelons are safe to eat, they just don't taste as good as ripe watermelons.

Are watermelons living things?

yes, watermelons are living things. you see we eat watermelons and they 're also in our world. So yes watermelons are living things.

Do raccoons eat watermelons?

Yes, raccoons will eat watermelons. They chew a hole through the rind to reach the sweet fruit inside,

Do hippos eat watermelons?

Yes, they honestly do.

How can you get good semen?

Eat lots of watermelons.

How many watermelans can kodie benfield eat at a time?

He can eat 5,000 watermelons at a time. Bradon Crow ate 4,863 watermelons so it was a close tie.

Why do ponies love to eat watermelons?

They don't eat watermelons you nuthead! I happen to own a pony and he loves to eat dried nectarines. His name is Po-Po-Pony (Po-Po for short).

What do kudu eat?

they eat leaves and branches, sometimes watermelons too. they eat all day

What do pumpkin beetles eat?

Pumpkins, Squash, Watermelons . . . etc.

What birds eat watermelon?

The type of birds that like watermelons

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