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Disoriented, hiding, laying in odd places.

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Why do dogs act so strange?

That's an opinion. Some people think dogs don't act strange. Dogs are just being... dogs. It's what they do. Anyway, this question isn't specific.

How do you horse a dog?

Why would you want to horse a dog when horses are so stupid dogs are way to smart to act like a horse.

How do dogs act around other dogs?

Most dogs behaviour around other dogs is good, some dogs who do not mix with families and other dogs so are not too friendly, dogs are Territorial so will guard their territory from strangers and other dogs, Dogs also appear to have mood swings the same as us.

Who discovered strokes?

People are unsure of who discovered strokes so therefore the scientist is unknown.

Who created dog years?

Scientists who decided it would be a good idea to make a ratio between how long dogs live and how many human years old they are so that humans could compare their dogs age to what a human would act like at that age.

What would happen if prairie dogs were extinct?

Praire dogs were very important so the plants would be ruined

Are rottweilers herding or hunting dogs?

Rottweilers were originally cattle dogs, so yes, they would be herding dogs.

Why do dogs act like there running when there asleep?

The dog is dreaming and chasing something so they run.

How many power strokes are there in a 8 cylinder 2 stroke engine with formula please?

A formula to find power stroke for an 8 cylinder 4stroke engine would be RPM/2=power strokes per minute. A 2 strokenengine has twice as many power strokes as a 4 so RPM=power strokes. Since rpm is not given in the question, I can't tell you how many power strokes there are.

Do hedgehogs get along with dogs?

Dogs usually go after hedge hogs, so the answer would be no.

What are good dogs for small yards and children?

A good dog for small yard and children would be probably a cocker spaniel or chihuahua. Cocker Spaniels are very nice dogs, and so are chihuahuas. Chihuahua can be very protective over your family, and they act as if they are big dogs and not so little. Cocker Spaniels I hear are very good dogs, and are the most well-behaved dog in the US. I strongly recommend those dogs.

What is neoteny in dogs?

Dogs act a lot like baby wolves. It's one of the things we like about them so much. We are also a very neotenous species, so it's a good fit.

Are dogs a pest?

that depends on the type of person you are. i love dogs ,so i dont see dogs as a pest, but other people may hate dogs or be alergic so to them yes, a dog would be a pest.

What percentage are abused dogs?

53% of ALL animals are abused so that would include cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, i assume that dogs would take up about 20% of that.

What does the world like more cat or dog?

Most families have dogs so I would have to say dogs.

Can a stress ball be for dogs?

well the dogs would chew the ball,and that's not how they stop stress,so no

Can dogs stereotype?

Well... Ive seen racist dogs, so i guess that would be stereotyping. -Dali-

Can Dogs eat Deer meat?

Definitely, dogs would love that. Obviously dogs are the member of carnivour category of organisms so they will like.

How to train my pitbull dog?

I would take the dog to as many obedience classes as you can afford. They teach you how to the train the dog, and also socialise the dog so that it knows how to act around other dogs.

Why all of a sudden does a dog act scared and cry all the time?

well dogs are like humans they have feelings , so there are a few things why dogs cry and act scared its rather because there hurt ,there is something they do not like that is on like a hoover ,they might act scared because they might not like strangers there is lots of things. remember dogs are not just pets there family.

If you bought two dogs and each of them had 5 puppies how many would you have all together?

You would have 10 puppies plus the two original dogs so 12 dogs all together.

Do dogs improve kids grades?

dogs are good companions and if the kid wants a dog I would think so

Would wild dogs have been in Egypt during Pharaoh's time?

Yes. So were domestic dogs. Some of these dogs were the predecessors to Salukis and Afghhans.

Do dogs bark before earthquakes?

most dogs will act very obnoxious when there is an earthquake or any other type of storm to show that they are trying to worn their owner that there is a storm yes dogs do bark before an earthquake

What act did parliament pass in place of the stamp act?

so that the colonists would know that the king was in charge

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