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Can dogs tell when a person is sick?

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Yes and not only dogs, but cats too. My husband just got over a lengthy illness. We have 2 dogs and a cat. Tootsie is part Bichon Frise and Booker T is a Cockapoo and our cat Molly is a tabby. Usually they are always playing and goofing around, but all during my husband's illness they were very quiet. Not only that, all three would often get on the bed very gently, sniff him every so often (making sure he was OK) and they'd take turns doing this. Then lay for hours with him. When I was in the kitchen one day and my husband was in the front room Molly came in meowing furiously and touching my leg. I was busy and told her to leave me alone. Then the two dogs came in jumping up on me. I then realized something was wrong and I followed them into the front room. There was my husband on his knees holding his stomach in great pain. I rushed and called the ambulance. The front door was wide open so the ambulance attendants could get in quickly and not once did my two dogs or cat try to run outside into the yard. In fact, they snuggled around my husband and when the ambulance attendants finally came they moved off to the side and were very quiet. My husband was admitted into ER and spent 9 days in hospital. Of course I went up every evening and when I got home my three pets were ever so gentle greeting me (usually they'd go crazy when I get home) and then would just snuggle with me. If I cried, the look on all three little faces was a solid 'Don't cry, it will get better.' The three of them would just cuddle right up to me and if I did something around the house they would follow me everywhere. They were perfect while my husband was ill, but once he got well boy, they made up for lost time! LOL You bet animals know and they are used to help people that are blind, can't hear, have seizures, strokes and a myriad of problems. Cats and pigs are also very smart and look after their owners. Some days I prefer my pets to humans! They don't jiggy you, lie, cheat, steal, backstab, take their bad moods out on you and are always loyal and love you for who you are.

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Are there certain breeds of dogs that can tell if a person is sick?


Can dogs tell you if your going to get sick?


Can dogs feels sick when their owners are sick?

yes, they can tell we are sick and they get very sympathetic.

Can all dogs tell if a human is sick?

I am not sure but I know I have heard of dogs sniffing out cancer on a person and also alerting their owner before their owner has a seizure.

Can dogs tell when humans are sick?

Yes, dogs can often tell when humans are sick. Many epileptic have dogs to predict seizure's, my yorkie can tell if my husbands blood sugar gets too low, and I've even heard of dogs being used to detect cancer in people.

How do you tell when someone is sick?

See if they are coughing or just ask that person sick person! If it is sick! Well lol if you got in trouble for rudeness!

Why do dogs dinky's smell?

Only a sick person that have smelled it can answer that.. D:

What do dogs use their tails for?

To tell us if he/she is sick, happy, sad, ticked, and so on.

How can we tell our dogs' feelings?

if a dog is sick it will put its tail between his feet.

Do dogs get sick over ticks?

Dogs can get sick from ticks.

Can dogs get sea sick?

yes dogs can get sea sick but only a few dogs do

Is whooping cough contagious to dogs?

Believe it or not, humans can get their dogs sick with any type of flu. Including whooping cough. It's best not to keep the dog around the sick person.

Do dogs shiver when they are sick?

Dogs will if they are sick, but also if they are stresses or scared.

Can a dog tell if a person is dying?

I don't know about dying, but usually a dog can tell if a person is sick or unhappy. Is someone dying?

When dogs get sick does it make other dogs sick?

Depends on why they're sick. They can carry and spread viruses and such.

How can dogs get sick?

Dogs Can get sick from eating chocolate, grapes, or they can get sick by getting too old, or somethings wrong with them.

Are all dogs sick when they throw up?

Yes when a dog throws up the dog is sick like humans because when we throw up were sick. You can also tell if a dog is sick by feeling their noses, if it's dry they're sick.

Can dogs get sick when they are young?

Yes, dogs can get sick at any age, even if they are young and old.

Why do Dogs eat grass when they feel sick?

dogs eat grass when they are sick its a sjgn they have worms

How do cats and dogs know when people are sick?

some dogs can smell when their owner is sick cats are similar

Do mini dogs get sick?

Yes, mini dogs can easily get sick if they are introduced to a brand new environment.

Can dogs get sick from drinking algae water?

Yes, since humans can get sick from drinking it, then dogs can too.

Can dogs have rice?

I've given my dogs rice and ground meat if they were sick my step mother was a vet tech and did it will all the dogs when they were sick

How do dogs get cancer?

Im a 23 year old vetenairian and i know that dogs get cancer just like humans. And if you dont know how people and dogs get cancer ill tell you. You always have cancer cells in your body and some things can just set them off randomly for every different person or dog or cat or whatever. and it is really sad because when your pet is sick the whole family can tell.

Your cat is sneezing all the time how do you tell if its a cold?

if the cats or dogs nose is almost always dry then they r sick.