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Can drinking alcohol and smoking cause a miscarriage?


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Alcohol and cigarrette smoke are considered teratogens or an agent that can cause abnormal prenatal development. Anytime there is a defect in development of a fetus, there is a risk for miscarriage. In the case of alcohol and cigarrettes, this will not necessarilly happen if there is limited exposure. However, is the consumption is on a repeated basis, this could cause significant harm to the unborn baby. Miscarriages occur usually because of a drop in hormones. Your best bet would be to consult your doctor.

Answer: In a word, YES. Alcohol and drugs. A mother's use of alcohol and drugs (including tobacco) increases her child's risk of mental retardation, physical abnormalities, and even behavioral disorders. Babies of drug-addicted mothers have even been known to show signs of withdrawal. Although some people believe that an occasional glass of wine is not harmful, experts usually recommend total abstinence during pregnancy. Expectant mothers should also beware of second-hand smoke. Studies indicate that 15 to 20 percent of all diagnosed pregnancies end in miscarriage," says The World Book Encyclopedia. "But the risk of miscarriage is highest during the first two weeks following conception (fertilization), a time at which most women do not even know they are pregnant." Another reference states that over "80 percent of miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy," of which at least half are thought to be caused by defects in the chromosomes of the fetus. These defects are not the result of similar defects in the chromosomes of the mother or father.

Other causes of miscarriage may stem from the mother's health. Medical authorities point to hormonal and immune system disorders, infections, and abnormalities in the cervix or the uterus of the mother. Chronic diseases such as diabetes (if poorly controlled) and high blood pressure may also be factors.

Answer also: I agree with the above because studies prove that smoking and alcohol harm the fetus. If you do not miscarry, what about the health of the poor little newborn if the baby survives. Please get the help needed to help you quit if you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. The Bible tells us "children are a gift from God". Please view them the way God does.


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