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No Actually yes but the contact has to be rather intimate. Human and animal skin is a pretty effective barrier and getting a drug passed both is very unlikely and high concentrations will not be effected. HOWEVER is you let your dog lick the inside of your mouth (or do other equally or even grosser things) than the concentration of transfer will go up. An interesting point of trivial - in not so medievil times they would soak a piece of bread with the urine of a supposide witch and if the dog went crazy as well then the witch was really a witch and they would burn her. In actual fact the phenomina is a result of ergot poisoning (a nasty group of drugs and poisons to which LSD belongs). Ergot is a fungal infection of grain. The fungus wants to eat the grain and to deter other creatures from eating it - so it growing the poisons. When ergot tainted grain is used to make bread whole communities can suffer.

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Q: Can drugs be transfered to animals through human contact?
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be more specifif please just pm me. =] thank you.

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no it is not you can give drugs to animals but you will get arrested.

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Drugs from bacteria. Drugs from animals.

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Vets commonly dose animals with drugs similar to those used on humans.

How do scientists test new drugs?

scientists test drugs on animals

Why do people test drugs on animals?

The scientists test drugs on animals because they would have an ideal reaction as a human would.

What medicines are tested on animals?

Experimental drugs and vaccines are tested on animals. Other medicines that are tested on animals include new cancer drugs and medicine for HIV.

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alcohol, nicotine, drugs can travel through the placenta

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Most drugs are excreted through the urine

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true, just learned it in health actually:)

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Most drugs are excreted in the kidneys or filtered through the liver. You can find drugs in your bloodstream and your urine. Sometimes it is excreted through the sweat.

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drugs in the water affects the environment because animals that drink and live in the affected water absorb the drugs. This can affect animals reproduction or cause other negative side affects.

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no this is wrong, animals should have the same rights as we, humans have.

Debate on pre-test of drugs on animals?

They help animals to live longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, but not ALL.

Can your urine turn up positive for drugs if your boyfriend does drugs but you do not?

No that is not possible. It is not possible, even if you have unprotected sexual contact. Which is not advisable. If he is drug addict, there are chances that he may catch HIV infection through infected needles. That may be transmitted to you via unprotected sexual contact. Please take proper steps to cure him of that drug addiction.

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You can only be arrested if you know about it and have either come in contact with the drugs, or if you have done the drugs yourself. Besides that, you cannot be arrested.

How many times has Owen Wilson been hospilitized?

once, for a suicide attempt. he took drugs and cut his wrists. but after going to that hospital, he got transfered to another hospital.

Can drugs be transferred to people through contact?

Many pharmaceutical drugs can be absorbed into the blood stream transdermally (through the skin), such as nicotine or hormone drugs. Illegal drugs may or may not be effectively absorbed this way. For one, it depends on the size of the molecule and how lipophilic it is. Small molecules penetrate the outer skin layers better and lipophilicity allows the molecule to diffuse through the fat undernearth.Regarding cocaine, exposure of a dry patch of skin to cocaine powder probably won't result in any noticeable physical effects, but if you put the cocaine in the armpit where it can dissolve, this can allow minor absorption through the skin. And of course it's well known that cocaine is absorbed well through contact with mucous membranes (i.e., through the nose).My understanding is that crystal meth also does not enter the blood stream effectively through the skin. This is why the addicts do something called "skin popping" where they inject it underneath the skin.

Who can I contact about someone selling illegal drugs?

Your local police station...

In what year did people start using drugs?

drugs have been used through out history.

What can you use to test new drugs with instead of animals?

Drugs can be tested on human volunteers, it has been suggested that "computer simulation" can be used to predict the effect of drugs.