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Yes, you can breathe in substances that have aerosolized around you (such as when people are smoking methamphetamine, marijuana, or cocaine). While the amounts that you inhale are usually much smaller, they can affect you if you are around it long enough.

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Is marijuana in your system if someone around you is smoking?

Yes it can be inhaled (Passive smoking) and get into your system

If you made out with someone smoking weed would it be in your system.?


Can you get marijuana in blood system if someone is smoking it?


Does cocain get in your system if someone cooks it?

Cocaine will get in your system whether or not it is cooked. This isn't something you want to ingest.

Can second hand cocaine smoke show up positive?

If cocaine enters your system in any way, yes there is a possiblility it will be detected in your urine. If you are concerned enough to ask in this online environment, I would not recommend being around anyone who is smoking it nor would I participate in its' consumption.

How can babies develop smoking-related respiratory problems?

When a pregnant mother smokes, or is around any kind of smoke. When some on is smoking around a baby causes Second hand smoke. Large forest fires really mess with everyones respiratory system.

If you were around someone smoking marijuana would it be in your system?

Yes, a very small amount would enter your system. However, this amount is normally below the tolerance for most tests.

If your friends were smoking and you were around but didn't smoke does it still go in your system?

yes it does go in your system it has a name too its called second hand smoking

Why is there an initial delay between infection and immune system destroying pathogens?

Your Immune system is usually High, so once it stops smoking that cocaine, it will be better and start destroying them. Its naughty, isnt it?

Can weed get in your system if your setting next to someone who is smoking?

Yes it will and it is more dangerous as it is passive smoking which can be deadly. Im sorry, but you may die.

If someone around you is smoking weed can it get in your system?

Technically, yes, but the level is far below the threshold of feeling any psychoactive effect or showing up on a drug screen.

What respiratory system changes occur when someone quits smoking?

cilia regain normal function

Can marijauna get in your system if you are not smoking?

Yes through inhalation just like if you are near someone who smokes

What system can smoking cause drastic changes?

The system that smoking causes drastic changes to is the digestive system.

What system is damage most when smoking tobacco?

the system that is damage most when smoking tobacco is the respiratory system

If you are in the room when someone is smoking does that get in your system and how long does it stay in your system?

Unless the room is a total smoke screen the marijuana wont even register on a urine or blood test. The only way it sill get into your system is if you have direct contact. (i.e. you smoking the marijuana yourself)

Will qcarbo cleanse your system of cocaine?


How long before crack is out of your system?

Cocaine (including crack cocaine) normally takes around 72 hours (3 days) to leave your system, although for very heavy, long-term users, it could possibly take up to a week.

Which is not an effect of smoking on the cardiovascular system?

There are many effects of smoking on your cardiovascular system. One thing that does not happen from smoking is increased cholesterol.

Can a person test positive for marijuana if he has never smoked it?

It's possible, if you were sitting beside someone who was smoking it and got a lot in your system, or if you got a bunch of it and rolled around in it and didn't wash... but it isn't likely.

How many days does smoking take to affect your body?

How many days smoking affects your body is questionable. Someone that smokes for even one day will notice changes. Someone who smokes for a long time will have changes of their respiratory and cardiovascular system.

What can you take over the counter to get cocaine out of system?

There is nothing you can take to get cocaine out of your system. It will metabolize on its own rate, dependent on the state of your liver and kidneys.

Effects of cigarette smoking on the immune system?

smoking is very bad for immune system . becose

Why would smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

I'm surprised someone would have to ask, but since erections are related to blood flow, and since smoking damages your cardiopulmonary system, the answer is obvious; comprised cardiopulmonary system, compromised (or lack of) erection.

Does exercise help cocaine out of your system?

Exercise helps decrease the crave for cocaine in addicted subjects.