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Yes, and often do. Free range farm ducks often go for the milk pail to get a drink. Milk has good amounts of calcium and proteins that would help the duck produce good solid egg shells. Ducks and chickens enjoy a feed of cheese whenever available also.

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Q: Can ducks drink cow milk
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Do Hindus eat cow meat or drink cow milk?

drink cow milk

Can Horses drink Cow's milk?

yes the horses milk and a cow milk taste the same and also a foal can drink a cow's milk that is if the foal was weaned from its mother then the cow will nurse it without a problem.

Does a cow drink milk?

No. Cows drink water, not milk.

Do Malay people drink cow milk?

They can drink, but seldom. So, they not selling cow milk in cafe.

What is a milk cow?

A cow that produces milk for the human population to drink.

Does it harm a cow to drink it's milk?

No, not at all. A cow really couldn't care less if you drink her milk or not.

How do people turn into ducks?

they drink a cow poision

Can you drink cow milk straight from the cow?


What cow produces the milk we drink?

Dairy Cow

If a milk cow had mad cow disease and you drink it will you get it?


Could a cow drink human milk?

No. Cows don't need to drink milk: they drink water, not milk.

What will baby bunnies do if they drink milk from a cow?

Bunnies are lactose-intolerant, so they may die if they are to drink milk from a cow.

Do more people on Earth drink cow milk or goat milk?

Cow Milk. as its cheap and in abundance

Can you drink milk straight from a cow?

Yes, definitely. Raw milk is supposed to be good for you, better than pasteurized milk from a conventional dairy. But note that you don't drink milk straight from a cow like a calf would. You just milk the cow into a cup or pail then drink it.

You cant sell the cow and drink the milk?

If you sell the cow you will no longer get any milk as you do not own the cow anymore.

Do Indians drink cow milk?

yes , they drink it

Can vegetarians drink cow's milk?

they could if they are not too strict. I was a vegetarian and I used to drink a cow's milk

How do the pigs gain the rights of the cow's milk?

They don't. Pigs don't drink cow's milk.

Can you drink black angus milk?

A cow is a cow. Milk is milk. Quantity and butterfat content will vary with each breed. Black angus is a breed. Drink Up!

Can yorkies drink cow milk?


Can mice drink cow's milk?


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Can donkey drink cow's milk?


What drink comes from a cow?


What is a duck joke?

What are two ducks and a cow called? The answer is quackers and milk.

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