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No, Earth is bigger them Mars.

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Q: Can earth go into Mars
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Related questions

Can you observe the phases of Mars on earth?

no Mars does not go through phases as seen from earth.

Why do you need to go to Mars?

we need to go to mars because when there is to many people on earth we can live in mars as well

Why is mars not visible when in between the sun and earth'?

the orbit of mars is outside that of the earth's orbit so it can't go between earth and the sun

Where does the planet mars go in between?

Earth and jupiter

What planets do astronauts go to?

mars and the moon and earth

Do Mars and Mercury go around the Earth?

No, Mars and Mercury go around (orbit) the sun. The two planets appear to orbit Earth, but it's a result of the Earth rotating on its axis.

How long does it take mars to go round the sun once in earth days?

It takes 686.971 earth days for Mars to go once around the sun.

Is Mars or the moon closest to earth?

The moon is way closer. That is why we can go to the moon but not to mars because mars is to far away.

How many earth days does it take for a day on mars to go by?

A day on Mars is almost the same as an Earth day. It is only 39.6minutes longer.

How many years would it take to get to mars?

It took the Mars Pathfinder seven months to go to the planet mars from the planet earth.

Is Mars place that you can really go to?

There are several places on Earth named "Mars", but humans are yet to visit the planet Mars in person.

How fast does mars go around the sun?

Mars takes about 1.88 Earth years to rotate around the sun. These Earth years equal to about 687 Earth days.

What is the difference of your age on earth and mars?

It takes Mars 1.88 Earth years to go around the Sun. So, if you lived on Mars, your Birthdays would be 687 Earth days apart.So, take your current age and divide by 1.88 to get your Mars age.

Who was the first to go to mars from earth?

Nobody has been to Mars, the only place astronauts have gone is to the moon.

How is earth smaller than Mars?

Earth is not smaller than Mars, Mars is about half the size of Earth which makes Mars is smaller than Earth

How is earth and Mars simiar?

how is earth and mars the same

Will Mars be safer then Earth?

no mars is not saver then earth

How is earth and Mars alike List 4 ways?

Earth and mars are totally different. Earth is green and blue. Mars is red & brown. WE live on earth and martitans live on Mars. Mars is not cool but earth is. Earth has living things mars doesnt.!!!!

Why is Mars so slow at orbiting the Earth?

Mars does not orbit the Earth. Mars orbits the Sun, as does the Earth.

How long it takes for mars to go round the sun once?

It takes Mars 687 Earth days to go round the sun once.

How much days does it takes to prepare to go from earth to mars?


Why does mars occasionally seem to go backwards in the sky?

Mars seems to orbit backwards because the Earth is orbiting at a faster rate so when Earth passes Mars it seems to orbit backwards.

Why did you go to mars rather than Venus if Venus is closer?

because mars is closer to earth tan venus

What is Mars size compare to earth?

Mars has a diameter about 0.53 of the Earth's. Mars has a mass about 0.107 times the Earth's.

Is Earth smaller then Mars?

Mars is smaller thean the Earth.