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Can eating cornstarch harm pregnant women?



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It depends on what you're doing with it. If you're using it to thicken soups, no problem. Additional Information: There is a link between unexplained cravings for peculiar substances and a defciency of iron or zinc. You need to see your Dr. and if you are craving, and eating cornstarch without satisifying the urge, tell your Dr. honestly and be open about it. This is important. You may be anemic, your Dr. will need to test for it, if you are, don't let it go at that, make sure they search for the root causes. A link between these cravings, symptoms and colon cancer has been found in some cases. So, see your Dr. about any urges you have to eat cornstarch. This doesn't mean everyone with these cravings has cancer, just that it is something to be considered seriously if you indeed, are having these strong urges.