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yes if ur allergic to them Yes, if the person is allergic to strawberries. Search the internet for "food Allergies" "strawberries", and you should find plenty.

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Q: Can eating strawberries cause a skin rash?
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Can eating a papaya fruit cause a rash on your lips?

Papaya, mostly the skin of the fruit, can certainly cause a rash. If one experiences this, you shoukld be careful to eat the fruit and avoid the skin.

Is Valley Fever a skin eating disease?

It can cause a rash over most of the body and some skin ulcers. But not one would call "skin eating".

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

Can vinegar cause a skin rash?

no, vinegar can actually help get rid of the skin rash

Can glutens cause skin rash?


Do skin rashes form because of wheezing?

You cannot get a skin rash because of wheezing. The cause of your wheezing may also be the cause of your skin rash though.

Can a plant cause a rash?

yes, poison ivy can cause a rash when it makes contact with skin

Can ear infections cause skin rash?

can ear infections cause skin rah?

What STD if untreated can cause fever skin rash and a painful swelling of the joints?

Untreated gonorrhea can cause fever, skin rash, and painful arthritis.

What could cause a rash and peeling skin on child's vagina?

an infection could cause the child to peel and have a rash.

Why do rashes have cuts in skin?

cause its a rash? Maybe the rash itches a lot, and too much scratching has cut the skin.

CAN iron supplements cause skin rash?


Does Agent Orange cause skin rash?


Can being on your period cause a rash?

Actually yes. The Blood, If on your skin for too long can cause a rash because its not supposed to be there.

Can touching moth balls cause rash?

Moth balls should not cause a rash just from touching the outside of it. If you cut on open and handle it for a while, it could cause a rash on sensitive skin.

How is a butterfly harmful to humans?

Butterflies can harm humans by releasing hairs that can get on your skin. These hairs can cause a rash on your skin. The rash is not dangerous, but can be painful.

Can your PH level cause a rash and ithcy skin?

Yes, pH levels can cause a rash and itchy skin. This is mainly due to allergies, and infections from too much yeast in the body.

Can waxing cause skin rash or fungus?

Absolutely on the skin rash. As to fungus, it would be very possibe if the wax was not clean or the prep was not done properly.

What would cause a rash after a cut on the skin?

Infection or allergy to something applied to the skin after the cut.

Why do you get facial rash when you go into heat?

itz because of the heat sensitivity of your skin so then you get a rash like eating something wrong or you get alote of achnee for no reson or your skin iz bad

Is water hyacinth poisonous?

It can cause Skin rash to some people

What does poison oak do to you?

It can cause a skin rash, please don't ingest it...

Can you get a rash from a non living thing?

Oh yes, there are non living chemicals which can irritate the skin and cause a rash. For example, aluminum compounds used in antiperspirants can cause a rash for some people.

What STDs cause a rash?

Gonorrhea can cause a rash if left untreated (disseminated gonorrhea). Syphilis can cause a rash in the second stage. Reiter's syndrome, which sometimes follows chlamydia, can cause a rash. Trichomoniasis can cause a rash in the genital area due to irritation from the infection. While not the kind of red eruption we think of as a "rash," warts, molluscum, and herpes can be skin problems caused by STDs.

Can adult diapers cause any skin rash?

Yes, adult diapers can cause skin rash and infection if they are not of a good quality. You should get TENA products. They are dermatologically tested and have great drying capability so help reduce the chance of any kind of a rash.