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no one knows they are still researching it

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Before the ejaculation, during the act of sex there is something called pre ejaculation fluid coming out from penis. Actually this is for lubrication purpose and to make the sex more pleasurable. This fluid may contain some sperms and there is a chance of woman getting pregnant even the semen is released outside the vagina.

Withdrawing a finger with pre-ejaculation fluid or ejaculation fluid from the vagina and risking pregnancy.

Yup. @edit If this is the true story then no. Most pre-ejaculation fluid has no sperm in it. And even them sperm dies at a very fast rate in the open air.

for a male a squirt is the ejaculation of semin from the penis...for a women squirting is the ejaculation of fluid from the vagina

yes there is chances that she get pregnant. withdrawl of penis just before ejaculation is not effective method of contraception because some seminal fluid leaks before ejaculation

It is possible that the pre-ejaculate fluid will contain sperm, even if he has peed since his last ejaculation, that can impregnate his partner if it enters her vagina.

It would be extremely unlikely to get pregnant this way. Even with full ejaculation near the cervix it is 25% chance to get pregnant when a woman is highly fertile. All the best!

Yes you can, as a man does not need to ejaculate, as before he ejaculates there is what is called pre ejaculation fluid which contains sperm, that will most defantately end up in a pregnancy.

It is possible but extremely unlikley, all the same its best to purchase a pregnancy test to be sure.

Yes, at it does contain some sperm.

No you can not get a person pregnant if all one dose is rub the out side. There has to be some penatration,and fluid exchange. It's hard enough to get pregnant having intercorse

Yes, it is possible. Sperm can migrate, so it is possible to get pregnant even if the ejaculate lands on the vulva rather than inside the vagina. It is even more possible when you put the fluid in manually! ---------- Yes, that's pretty much how artificial insemination is done.

yes sometimes fluid is released from the penis which contains spermbefore ejaculation the liklihood is that the man will be very arrousedand will release this fluid...but the odds are reduced though but I would say if you do not want to get pregnant wear a condom man...and help not to spread unwanted diseases

no, pre-ejaculation is the same as soon as it hits the air it kills it. that's y if ur trying to conceive, you want to tighten ur vagina so that no air is inside u wen he comes...or it could possibly kill the sperm

If seminal fluid entered the vagina, there is a possibility you may become pregnant. If it is "near" the vagina, it may be near enough to enter it.

If no semen enters the vagina, it is unlikely for pregnancy to occur. Some sperm can be in the fluid that comes out the tip of the penis when it's aroused, but this is less likely to make you pregnant than a full ejaculation of semen in or near the vagina.

No, there can be some "leaking" of semen even before ejaculation. The penis often produces lubrication, popularly called precum, particularly when erect. Although this is mainly clear seminal fluid (or semen) it can contain some sperm and it is possible for a girl to get pregnant from it if it is introduced into her vagina.

No. Semenial fluid/sperm is required to enter the vagina to get a woman pregnant.

Lol. It's not water. It's just a form of fluid that is secreted by the vagina when a certain hormone comes into play. you can i guess call it a girls "ejaculation."

Yes. Anytime you have sex you can become pregnant. Even if you use birth control or a condom, or both.

I've heard pre-seminal fluid can get a girl pregnant, though if you only rubbed your penis against the outside of her vagina (meaning you never entered her), then no, you can't get her pregnant. Be careful though, sex can be such a great thing, but doing it in the wrong way can have so many bad consequences. Look out for yourself and for her and try your best to do what's right.

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

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