Can emo wear pink nailpolish?

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Yes, they can. It's whatever YOU want to do. There's no rulebook for how to be Emo. Emo's don't wear all black anyways, even according to the stereotype.
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What do emo wear?

tops . crazy, checkered, striped, retro, and dotted patterns . color faded . plaid or plain shirts . sweaters/hoodies . jackets with faux fur bottoms . skinny jean

What do emos wear?

Anything really, but the typical emo tends to wear: . Skinny leg jeans (especially black) . Band shirts . Flannel shirts . Converse hi tops . Colorful shirts . All fit

Should pentecostal women wear nailpolish?

That is very much up to your own convictions. AND YOUR PASTORS GIDELINES your pastor is responcable for you and for seting the boundery of things that are acceptable the bible

Is pink emo?

Depends what shade, hot pink is emo and so is neon pink. Pale princess pink? Egh

Do emo girls like men that wear pink clothes?

That's a little mean. All girls have different intrests ..not just emo but I guess it doesn't matter... And not saying this in a mean way... But sorry and I don't like guys th
In Islam

Can muslim girls wear nailpolish?

yes but before praying a Muslims should wash her face and hand (wudu) and nothing should block reach of water to skin in washing for praying.
In Gymnastics

Can you wear nailpolish in gymnastics?

At meets, some judges will take a deduction for wearing nail polish, but it is okay to train while wearing nail polish.