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Certainly. An employer has ZERO duty to allow your meds as an excuse for failing to perform as required, whether you tell the boss of the drugs or not.

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Q: Can employee be punished for sleeping due to prescribed medication?
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What sleeping medication is available in Costa Rica?

ranch dressing is a sleeping medication in costa rica !

Is it bad to take 3 sleeping pills?

It depends on how many you were prescribed to take. If it's a general sleeping medication (Tylenol PM) than no 3 pills is not dangerous. However, don't take more than two if you need to get up early for anything.

Take sleeping pills if you have bipolar?

Only if prescribed by your doctor.

Is the medication Trazadone a deployable medication?

I'm not certain what you mean by deployable; if that means can you travel with this medication the answer is yes as long as you have a valid Rx. If you're asking whether it causes dependence and is abusable the answer would be no (in most cases). Trazadone is an atypical antidepressant that is prescribed primarily for patients diagnosed with depression who also experience difficulty sleeping. It is also prescribed to persons with substance abuse problems who are also dealing with insomnia. In other words it is also used as a a sleeping medication primarily for persons who have difficulty sleeping BUT for whom it would be inadvisable to put on Ambien (Zolpidem), Restoril (temazepam), and other controlled substances (schedule IV-US) that would have a large probability of abuse as well as cause dependence and possibly cause the substance abuser to return to his or her drug of choice. If by deployable you mean are they prescribed to active persons in the military or to veterans the answer again is yes. I tried to cover all possible answers to your question and hope this helps. If not, repost and I'll try to answer your question.


He took too much sleeping medication.

Will sleeping pills results in seizure?

It would be very unusual for a sleeping pill to cause a seizure, however, if you do have epilepsy, you should consult your doctor about any medication that you take, including sleeping pills, in case their is some negative interaction with your anti-epileptic medication.

What is a railroad porter?

An employee who assists passengers, esp with sleeping arrangements.

How is the sleeping stuff made?

Sleeping stuff is made from harmful chemicals and should be more eco friendly! never buy sleeping stuff unless prescribed or if you are desperate for sleep

What patients are usually prescribed the oxygen concentrator system?

This system is generally prescribed for patients who require constant supplemental oxygen or who must use it when sleeping.

How do you put the cibrues to sleep?

get some sleeping medication or if dangerous use a dart.

Are sleeping aides such as Tylenol PM addictive?

any medication can be highly addictive

Your doctor has prescribed Gabapentin for night sweats ans not sleeping at night Is this right?

No member of this site can diagnose illness or conditions of a complete stranger. Nor can we second guess the medication prescribed by your doctor. Whilst is is often sensible to obtain a second opinion it should be done by someone qualified to do so and who also is cognisant with any other problems or conditions the patient may have.