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Yes, an employer can offer coverage to same-sex domestic partners and/or deny coverage for opposite sex domestic partners. You should ask your HR/Benefits representative for a copy of your plans eligibility rules, which will show who you may enroll and more importantly, when you can enroll them.

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How does your partner adopt your child with out being married?

I don't think you can. You either has to be single or married to adopt. Just living together is neither. if you are in a samesex relationship and has gone through partnership might be possible though.

Is a Muslim allowed to have a boyfriend?

Yes, it is allowed for a Muslim girl or boy to have a boy friend However; if they are of opposite sex; they should practice any kind of oral sex (kissing, touching, ... etc) or intercourse sex. They should avoid being alone in closed areas away from people. Friendship should be within the limits of advice exchange and consultation, cooperation for the community benefit, cooperation in study and knowledge exchange, social activities, .... etc. Any sexual practices (oral or intercourse) should be within licit marriage per Islam teachings and rules. It is to be emphasized that; per Islamic teachings; samesex practices (oral or intercourse sex) are strictly forbidden and not allowed.

Do employers in Omaha, NE provide health coverage plans for their employees?

Most large employers do but most small employers with only a few employees do not.

Hipaa protects now business employers wanting to purchase health coverage for their employees true or false?

Hipaa protects business employers wanting to purchase health coverage for their employees - True

Why might a medical assistant purchase a professional liability insurance policy separate from the employer's policy?

In order to provide themselves with additional (supplemental) coverage in case the employers insurance policy is insufficient. When the assistant wants an additional layer of coverage beyond the limits provided by the employers policy.

What is the primary reason employers purchase insurance plans to provide health coverage?

With spiraling medical costs, the employees without health insurance coverage will be in total jeopardy. As a result, they will absent from their duties frequently and their working strength will gradually reduce to a low ebb. Considering the above scenario, the employers deems it essential to purchase insurance plans for their employees' health coverage.

Can an employer force an employee to show qualifying event to drop coverage?

No, an employer cannot harass their employees into dropping coverage. It is not the employers business to get involved in the personal insurance details of their employees.

Is workers compensation required in TX?

Texas is the only voluntary Comp state. But employers remain liable for the workers' injuries AND should opt out correctly - according to the state rules, filing their decision with the state and posting the proper notice to employees and to subcontractors who lack coverage. Why subcontractors who lack coverage? Because employers are liable to them too. Employers in all states need to realize they remain liable if they don't have coverage, that their employees and their employees' families can sue them - and in most states, subcontractors and their families can sue too.

I was working at anmusment park when a tree fell on me?

Your employers workers compensation insurance will provide coverage for work related injuries.

How do you drop medical coverage on spouse switching to employers insurance?

Either go to the HR department where you work or contact your insurance company directly. The company will need this in writing. Make sure there is no lapse in coverage.

How do I get a good dental plan?

Dental plan pricing is determined by the actual coverage provided. Some employers offer different types of coverage. Affordable plans are available with low deductibles and monthly payments.

What is two major Queensland industries?

Two significant employers of Queenslanders are coal mining and tourism.

Do employers have to offer medical coverage to domestic partners?

Generally no, with a few exceptions. Some municipalities require that contractors doing business with the city provide domestic partner coverage to their workers. Employers that are parties to a collective bargaining agreement that provides domestic partner coverage cannot unilaterally stop providing that benefit. Please note that this pertains to domestic partnerships only and that the laws are different for same-sex marriage.

Does Devon energy provide ivf insurance?

You need to speak to people in HR to know the answer for sure. But you can conclude that they probably don't provide coverage for IVF. Devon Energy is headquartered in Oklahoma, and therefor subject to health insurance laws in that state. A handful of states mandate coverage for employers headquartered in that state, and Oklahoma is not one of those states. Most employers omit IVF coverage unless compelled to by law.

Is couples counseling generally covered by company health insurance policies?

Yes, most company health insurance policies provide some form of mental health coverage and couples counseling is generally covered by it. However, health plans vary significantly so be sure to check your copay, coverage and other details.

Should companies extend benefits to unmarried gay couples such as health insurance and what about cohabiting heterosexual couples?

Of course, employers should treat gay couples and heterosexual couples the same way. If it's to the company's advantage to offer partner benefits to unmarried couples, it should offer those benefits to both heterosexual and gay couples. In many jurisdictions, companies may be required to offer benefits to spouses of employees. If this is the case, they should offer the same benefits to married gay couples that they offer to married straight couples.

Are government workplaces exempt from workplace safety laws?

In the US, the basic law on workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health act of 1970, specifically excludes Federal employers and what we now call "public sector" employers (state and municipal governments, etc.) from coverage. However, if a given state has an OSHA-approved Health and Safety Program, it must cover the public sector employers of that state. By Presidential Order, all federal agencies, including the armed forces, must have programs that are at least as effective as OSHA. However, that still leaves employers in the Judicial and Legislative branches exempted from coverage. Congress has been under some pressure to provide equivalent coverage to its employees in recent years. Coverage in other countries is quite different and differs from country to country.

How do you lose your insurance coverage?

Most insurance companies will refuse to renew if you have had significant losses or traffic violations.

Where can you find legal information on domestic partner health insurance in Texas?

There is no mandate for domestic partner coverage in Texas. The following insurance companies voluntarily offer domestic partner coverage in Texas: Aetna, Ameritas, CIGNA, Great West Life, Guardian, Kaiser Permanente, Mutual of Omaha, New York Life and Health, Pacificare and United Healthcare. If you are looking to purchase a policy, they will have information for you. If you are looking for coverage through your employer, then you should know that employers in Texas are free to either provide or not provide domestic partner coverage. You should ask your HR department or union whether such coverage is available. Some municipal employers in Texas, such as the City of Dallas, offer DP coverage to eligible employees.

Can an employee drop their health insurance coverage when it isn't their open enrollment to join their spouses coverage at their spouses open enrollment?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign up on the spouse's insurance then later on after you have your new coverage in effect you could drop your employer's plan. Some employers however "require" their employees to be covered or are paying for the coverage. Check with your employer about that. Some employers will also refuse to cover you again if you lose your husband's coverage. If the marriage is not is good shape it is a foolish to drop your own coverage in case there is a divorce. Sorry to mention it but is true.

Day labor covered by home owners policy?

Hired Workers not covered by Homeowners InsuranceNo. They would be covered by their employers Worker Compensation coverage.

When driving your employers car on a windy day an empty trash can blew into the road and hit the side of the car am I liable for that?

If you were in the course and scope of your employment, the employers insurance would cover the damage, less any applicable deductile, assuming there is comp or collision coverage.

Does disability follow you from state to state?

Individual Disability insurance will follow you to various states, as long as you remain in the United States. It will also continue to follow you even if you change employers.Group coverage will also follow you across states, but will not continue if you change employers.

Can an employer stop paying employees medical premiums to cut costs?

The simple answer is yes, but it is more complicated than that. There is no current law that requires employers to provide health insurance coverage for their employees, so the employer could drop coverage at any time. (When the new Affordable Care Act becomes fully functional, everybody will have to buy insurance and employers who don't provide it will be fined....but many will still drop their employees and pay the fine because the fine will still be cheaper than paying high rates for coverage). But for now.....employers can drop coverage, but must still provide coverage for the month in which they drop the coverage if they try to cancel mid-month. This is because the premiums would have already been paid for that month and you should still get that coverage until that month's premiums have been used up. But the next month, they don't have to pay the premiums and your coverage would end. That being said, you might still be eligible to 'continue' that coverage under the group plan so long as you are willing to pay the full premium, which you might not be able to afford. You'll have to check with the insurer about the availability of 'conversion policies' that allow you to convert from a group plan to a non-group plan.

Does a phyisican's assistant need malpractice insurance?

A medical assistant when working under the supervision of a employing physician should be covered under the employers insurance. The assistant could still get their own malpractice coverage though if additional security or a higher coverage limit is desired.

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