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Yes they can. When the person is deceased their estate goes to the Executor (male) or Executrix (female) and they make sure all personal/property taxes and creditors are paid off. You can go into any book store and get a "Probate Book" or even go on the internet and get the forms. Of course when you take the Probate forms in they almost always fail you the first time (cash cow method) but, be patient, the second time around you'll get through OK. It can take 8 months to a year for the Probate to go through. The Executor/Executrix can pay electric bills, phone bills, etc. (every monthly bill), but the bulk of the Estate has to go to probate. If the debt is worth more than the total Estate then the creditors are out of luck! Marcy

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Q: Can executors after collecting debts owed to estate to the best of their ability legally write off debts that individuals cannot pay back Ontario Canada?
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