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Can fancy guppies live with mosquito fish?


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If by mosquito fish you mean Gambusia, yes they are OK together.

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not with goldfish theyll eat em and the ammonia they produce will kill the mosquito fish but yes they ca nwith guppies and they will inter breed with ur guppies

Live or frozen mosquito larvae and omnivore fish flakes.

No, unlike other tropical fish, all types of guppies give birth to live young, hence they are classified as "livebearers".

The tiger fish would eat the guppies.

Some fish that can live with guppies in a tank are neon tetra, platy. minnows, betta, molly, and angelfish. Guppies are hardy tropical fish.

theres calico ryukin gold fish, comet goldfish, fancy taild fish, or male fancy guppies or under black light glowfish

Guppies can live very happily with heaps of other species of tropical fish

No, guppies are fresh water fish.

Mosquito fish are a type of 'live bearer' related to guppies; thus the easiet way to breed them is to simply put a male and a female (or even better a male and several females) in an aquarium, and wait for babies.

not a chance. you could buy guppies as feeder fish for them though.

No. Guppies live in fresh water.

Guppies live in freshwater. They are the most popular aquarium fish and widely distributed around the world. Guppies are also called rainbow fish.

Between 10 and 12, as long as you have no other fish in there. If you do, then you will want to reduce the amount of guppies you intend to add accordingly.

bettas will attack guppies angelfish will eat guppies

Guppies do not lay eggs they are live bearers

Betta's are solitary fish. But if you have a not-too-aggressive Betta then you can put him/her with some other community fish that don't have long flowing fins (Fancy guppies,etc.)

No,but guppies(livebearer types) can live with small sharks like dwarf shark e.g.

Mosquito fish live mainly in ponds or swampy areas. They are small fish, so be on the lookout. They live in places where there is algae and such weed, sometimes elodea.


No, All adult fish will eat baby guppies.

guppies, mollies, scord fish. that's about it

Guppies, mosquitofish, sharks, mollies, and platies.

No. Guppies need a heater, whereas gold fish will overheat. Also, they will eat the guppies.

mosquito fish do not lay eggs. Instead, they give birth to live young

No, because the koi fish are about 5x the size of the guppy and the Koi fish will probably eat the guppies.

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