Can fat from other places on your body be injected into your breasts to make them bigger?

Yes fat can be taken from elsewhere in the body by means of a liposuction and then injected into the breasts to augment them. This is an established and long-standing medical procedure. Unfortunately results have always been regarded as poor, because following a procedure of this kind it's usually been observed that most of the injected fat doesn't remain in the breast area, but is absorbed by the body and moved to other areas. In short, the initial outcome appears to be a success, but it simply doesn't last for long. However, the latest method of attempting to augment breasts in this way uses the new technique of stem cell surgery and is expected to yield better results. In this method fat is still taken from elsewhere in the body but is now combined with stem cells. This preparation takes about an hour to complete and the resulting mixture is then injected into the breasts. Studies are initially focusing on proving the suitability of this method in cases of breast reconstruction, but there are already clinics which provide this procedure for simple cosmetic breast augmentation.