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Can felons own a black powder gun in the state of Washington?


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November 30, 2009 11:50PM

The federal laws governing firearms do not classify muzzleloaders as a "firearm" , and in most states you can buy one with no paperwork or background check. However that does not make it technically legal for a felon to poses it. I have read of cases pertaining to this where the person was hassled at great expense in time and money by local law enforcement regardless of the intended use, only to be convicted on possession of explosives charges for having black powder. The "best practice" I have heard of is obtaining a waiver from BATFE or your local jurisdiction so you have paper in hand showing proof of legal possession, after all it is not worth your time, money or potential freedom dealing with an over zealous prosecutor or non gun friendly jurisdiction when a simple document could prevent it. This topic has been discussed at length for years both pro and con, and what it boils down to is a case by case determination. You can go to free ( or better yet to the BATF site ( and get a more direct answer for your state and county, but the best advice would be to speak to an authority in your state or to BATFE to be 100% sure.