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Hamsters are NOT asexual organisms (eg. chickens). They are mammals. They rely on a male to have babies.

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Q: Can female hamsters have babies without the male?
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Can female hamsters hafe babies without male hamsters?


How do you avoid male hamsters without killing their babies?

Boy hamsters can not have babies. When a female has babies, be sure to put the male and female in seperate cages.

Can female hamsters have babies without being with a male hamster?

No, they have to mate with a male hamster. WARNING! Some hamsters can be gay.

Can hamsters have babies without a male?

no, they must mate with a male.

Why do mother hamsters eat their babies?

because the male fights the female female gets mad and boom female ate the babies

Can dwarf hamsters have babies without a male?

No. It is very unlikely for mammals to be impregnated without a male and female. In some cases it is possible for the female to delay fertilization. In a situation like this, it is implied that the hamsters mated in the pet store before they were bought.

How do you make hamsters?

You put a male and a female together. Take the male out after a few hours, and your female will have babies.

Does the male hamster have to be around when female hamster having a babies?

Do not put the male around the female! Some male hamsters eat the babies, I'm not kidding.

Can men hamsters by there self have babies?

nope male + female = baby

Will a male hamster eat its baby hamsters?

yes all male hamsters eat their babies when your female hamster is pregnant you should separate the male from the mother and the babies or he will eat them and kill the mother !

How doen a female rabbit have babies without a male rabbit?

they can't have babies without a male.

Male or female hamsters?

I would say male. Female and male hamster personalities are very similar, but you wouldn't want to risk the chance of a female having babies.

Can hamsters and babies live together?

When the babies are born, the male will have to be seperated because he could get jelOus and hurt them. The babies can live with the female for a couple of months but then you have to seperate the male and female babies because then they start to breed again

Can female cats get babies without a male cat?

No, a female cat cannot get pregnant without a male cat.

Are male or female hamsters nicer and why?

Male hamsters are way better because female hamsters tend to bite more than male hamsters

If hamsters did not mate can they still have babies?

No, hamsters will never have a miraculous virgin birth. There is always one male and one female involved.

Do you have to separate the male and female hamster after mating?

You can leave them in the same cage ONLY if they are dwarf hamsters. No other breed of hamster can you put the male and female together with the babies, the male will hurt, kill, or even eat the babies. The male dwarf hamster, however, can actually help raise the babies with the female.

Can female chickens have babies without a male?


Do you have to buy the male and the female hamsters at the same to have babeis time?

Obviously, you need both sexes to breed and have babies. Keep the male and female separate after breeding.

How do you tell male hamsters from female hamsters?

Female hamsters usually have their genital opening closer to the anus as compared to the male hamsters. Male hamsters usually have a bigger gap in between both.

Can male and female hamsters live together?

yes until babies are born,then you must take the male out because they will start to fight.

Do you need female and male hamsters to breed?

Yes.Because female's produce food ,and Male's make the babies

What are female and male hamsters called?

Male hamsters are bucks, females are does.

Are male Chinese dwarf hamsters better then female?

Male hamsters tend to be less aggressive and protective than female hamsters.

Can male hamsters have babies?

Probably not...