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No as fibroid tumors only grow in uterine muscle they cannot grow back if the uterus has been removed. The correct answer is yes. They do not just grow on uterine muscles. They also have been found on ovaries, the intestinal outer fat wall, and bladder muscle. If there is a fibroid outside the uterus wall, and a piece of the tumor was not completely removed, it will continue to grow, tapping into a blood supply.

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2008-09-08 21:03:00
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Q: Can fibroid tumors grow back after a hysterectomy?
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Can fibroid tumors grow back if you had a partial hysterectomy?

Yes, they probably could. Most women have them in their later years, but since they are benign, they are not considered a pathology. So there is no reason to worry about getting them.

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What are some common medical conditions that effect the uterus?

The most common conditions affecting the uterus are fibroid tumors, which are benign growths, and endometriosis, where cells from the endometrium or uterine lining grow in the abdomen outside the uterus.

Can fibroid grow heavy in virgins?

Possibility. Get it checked out WHO KNOWS

Can you have a vitro fertilization after a hysterectomy?

No after a hysterectomy you cannot grow a baby or give birth

What is a primary tumors?

Tumors that initially arise and grow within the brain are termed primary tumors

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tumors grow in the process of mitosis

Can a cyst grow back after hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is just the removal of the uterus. Total hysterectomy is removal of uterus and cervix. Both of these leave your ovaries in place and therefore it is still possible to have ovarian cysts. It all depends whether you have had a cystomectomy to remove the cyst or if you have had an oopherectomy then a cyst cannot grow on an ovary which isn't there.

What is the stage when fibroid become painful?

A fIbroad becomes painful at the time of menstrual periods began. The swelling increases. It calms down after the cycle. If it's unbearable then you you should see your OB/GYNECOLOGIST for an ultrasound on belly and vaginal..vaginal are best dealing with fibrous tumors. The tumors do grow and die by themselves very often.

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