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Can fish live in half distilled half tap water?


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You should not use distilled water in a fish tank as it is missing vital minerals. Distilled water is basically water collected from steam

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No fish can live successfully for long in distilled water.

In order for fish to live and prosper the water needs to have least some life in it and also a few degrees of hardness. Distilled water is too pure to support healthy aquatic life.

ok stick with me here ... I am not sure if they won't live but i thought that before u try ( hopefully you haven't) but we had a fish that wasn't a goldfish and just died today because we put it in distilled water. they die because when water is distilled it removes the two things fish need in water : oxygen and minerals ! hope this helped p.s. rip sushi ( our fish that died today )

Distilled water is a neutral

If the jar has water in it with the fish, you will kill them.

Hard water can be good for fish and live plants because it has minerals in it that you don't get in bottled water. It is good to give your fish half tap water(treated with conditioner) and half bottled water. This gives your fish and live plants minerals to help them grow. You can use 100% tap(hard) water but it must be treated with water conditioner for fish.

Algae cannot live in moving water. The water has to be distilled.

My guess... about 1 year and a half.

Yes fish can live in water.

Yes. Fish live in water.

NO! Betta fish, like all other fish, use their gills to absorb oxygen out of the water that they live in. In doing so, however, they also absorb certain trace minerals and other nutrients that are in the water, much like we do when we drink it. Distilled water contains no trace minerals or nutrients; it is completely sterile, and therefore has a lesser capability of harboring oxygen molecules (the molecules have nothing to "cling" to), not to mention trace minerals and such. Humans should not drink distilled water because of its' utter lack of mutrients and electrolytes, so think of it this way: if you can't drink it, your fish probably can't live in it. He'll almost certianly die if you make him live in distilled water, especially if it's free-standing water and doesn't have a filter/water pump. fresh water fish absorb water trough their bodies, the body acts as a filter that is where the trace elements are gathered from.the diet of the fish will make up for any trace elements not absorbed thouhg the water, betas have a breathing tube, from it they can get oxegen straight from the surface,they do not depend totally on gills for air, they can almost live in sewer water and survive " that's how they stay alive in thoes little jars they are sold in. distilled water does not hurt betas!

sea fish live in water

fish can live in water because they have gills.

Fish need water to live if fish doesn't have water they will die.

no, can you live under water for months with no oxygen. then think about fish they can live with out water.

yes, salt water fish need careful attention to water quality including filtration of some type.

Salmon are fish. All fish live in water.

Fish live in water of all depths.

fresh water fish live in water with low salt content. salt water fish live naturally in oceans

No, some fish live in salt water and some live in fresh water. There are also osmoregulators, which are fish that can live in both salt and fresh water.

yes fish live in lakes they live in fresh water and salt water

How long do salt water fish live?

the salt water hatchet fish live in salt water!!!

You need to buy a chlorine-free bottle, to get rid of the chlorine from the water. Since no fish can live inside chlorine. And chlorine is mixed with tap water.

No. Distilled water is completely devoid of the essential minerals fish need for long term health. That's what the distilling process does, it makes the water pure. Mains tap water is usually perfectly fine for fish provided it's got dechlorinator in it (to remove harmful chlorine/chloramine and heavy metals). Also, they're called Siamese Fighting Fish, not Japanese, they originate from Thailand, old Siam, not Japan! But it's more professional to call them Bettas!

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