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Can fish see food in their tank after the light is turned off?

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Fish do see better in the light than the dark, so it is better to feed them when the light is on the exception to this would be bottom feeders or catfish because they mostly sense their food using scent.

2011-03-28 23:30:50
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What are all supplies needed for a 25 gallon fish tank?

Freshwater setup: MUST HAVE: Tank, filter, filter pads/media, heater, light, fish, water, electricity, fish food, place to put tank NICE TO HAVE: Substrate, decorations, tank lid

What do fish need to surive?

betta fish are pretty easy to take care of. water small tank, a plant and a light. and betta food

Do fish grow faster in a big tank or a small tank?

It doesn't matter what tank they are in, it is the food you feed the fish.

Why is your fish swimming near the top of the tank?

coz the fish needs light on a big tank

What supplies the energy for the plants in a fish tank?

The energy for the plants in a fish tank is supplied by Light.

How often should you leave on the light in a fish tank?

How often should you leave on the light in a fish tank? Answer: It does not matter, as long as the water in the tank stays at the correct temp.

What do you do when a whole can of fish food is dumped in the tank?

Get a container and carefully scrape out the food from the tank.

What supplies do fish need?

They need a tank fish food

Why do your fish hide when the tank light is on?

It is instinct for fish to hide from danger. It is normal for some fish to hide from the light.

What do you have to do to get algee in your fish tank?

Algae occurs naturally in any situation that has the three essentials for algal growth. They are Water, Light, and plant nutrients. If your tank has water and fish in it there will be food available so the only thing that may be needed is sufficient light.

What do you do if your fish is staring at the tank light for the whole day?

Turn the light off or get a smarter fish.

Will sea urchins eat fish food that you give a fish in a tank?

Yes, urchins are considered "cleaners" and will scavenge the bottom of the tank for food.

Why do water and ornaments turn green in a fish tank?

Because all the food in the fish tank that the fish does not eat will float down until it lands on something such as an ornament, as you said and the fish food rots as it is not eaten just like human food. Hope this helps! -- The green is probably algae, algae grows when they're excess nutrients or light in the tank. Don't over feed so food drops to the substrate and don't have the tank lights on too long, this should cut down on algae growth.

How do you get the fish food in poptropica?

Jump into the fish tank and the fish will throw you up into the air. You land on a platform and you get the food.

Why do betta fish still forage food at the bottom of the tank?

Betta fish forage for food at the bottom of there tank if there hungry and if there is food in there because they eat non stop.

What happens when you put too much fish food in a tank?

(I am assuming that you have fish in the tank.) Ultimately, you will overfeed your fish. He/She might get a little bit fat or if they get full, they just wont eat the food! If you put too much food in the tank you should clean it out. The food will just sit at the bottom of the tank until it is cleaned out.

Is it better to buy a fish tank with a halogen light or a LED light?

that depends what you want to do with the tank if you want a planted tank then dont go with a LED light inless the plants are very hardy and dont require a lot of light. if its just for fish go with the LED light. i have a LED light on my fish tank and my fish are doing great. i dont have any plants but i might get some hardy, low light ones. LED also saves energy

How do you get the key in the fish tank on poptropica shrink ray island?

fish food

How does the behavior of goldfish change in different colored light?

they don't. i have my gold fish in a glow fish tank with a blue LED light and he acts just fine. ;) Light has no effect on a Goldfish's behavior other than the fact that a goldfish will usually go to sleep when the lights are turned off.

Why fish is jolting to top of tank?

to eat food

Does your fish tank need a light?

Well, no but they are a lot better with them. For your fish, not for show, if you have gold fish, if you don't put a light in they will go silver. This is because of the lack of light.

Is fish tank water poisonous?

It might be unsafe to drink because fish food, fish scales, fish waste, and many different kinds of bacteria are in fish tank water.

Can ghost shrimps eat the same food as fish?

Yes ghost fish can eat the same food as other fish, if the food falls to the bottom of the tank.

What foods do crayfish eat?

Try some regular fish food. I used to have crayfish and I used to feed them fish food. When I fed the crayfish fish food I took them out of their tank and put them in a container with some water and fed them the fish food in the container. I did this so the the fish food won't make a mess in the tank. If the fish food floats on the top of the water stir it around and the food will fall to the bottom.

Do you have to have a lite for a fish?

if you have a tropical fish or a filtered tank than yes you do need a light