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Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

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2010-10-12 21:06:57
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Q: Can get pregnant when sperms enter from mouth of woman?
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Does a woman get pregnant after swalloing the sperms?

No she cannot get pregnant

Can a woman in menses get pregnant if she eats mans sperms?

if a woman in menses eats mans sperms she won't get pragnent

Can yellow sperms make woman pregnant?

Yes it can.

Can a woman pregnant herself?

No it takes sperms and women don't have that.

Why woman don't get pregnant after ever mating?

cause they dont have sperms

Does licking your own love juice make you pregnant?

You can't get pregnant by swallowing anything. And a woman need sperms or she can't get pregnant.

Which hole does the penis enter to make a woman pregnant?

The penis enter to make a woman pregnant the vagina during sex, which can lead to pregnancy.

Does massaging the breast with sperms increases its size?

No. The only effect semen have on a woman's body is if it makes her pregnant.

Do all sperms have to enter you to get pregnant?

No. Millions of sperm come out at once, and many if not all are killed upon entering the woman. When they do enter, they are joined with different fluids to help prevent them from being killed - altogether, called semen. It only takes 1 little guy getting to the egg in order to get pregnant.

Can you always get a women pregnant?

Getting pregnant depends on several criteria : woman's age ovulation normal womb menstruation cycle enough and normal sperms

Can a girl get pregnant a month after she has intercourse?

Not from the intercourse she had a month earlier. Sperms live 3-5 days inside a woman.

What is galli-mainini test?

It is a "classic" test to determine if someone is pregnant or not. It is done by injecting subcutaneously the woman's urine to the frog, and after few hours, checking the frog's own urine. If the forg's urine contain sperms, the woman is pregnant. It is because the pregnant woman's urine contain hCG, a hormone that is made by placenta.

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