Can getting a tattoo while pregnant harm the baby?

Tattoos can become infected, but only if they are not taken care of properly, or if you went to a dirty shop. BUT...I will say from tattoos absolutely 100% does NOT go into your bloodstream. You would probably become extremely ill if it did. Needles in a tattoo machine are like pins, and only make it to the dermal layer (2nd layer) of the skin, not to your veins. So the concern of getting "ink poisoning", or anything along those lines, is completely irrational. The best answer I can give is (with myself being 4 weeks along, and already heavily tattooed), wait to get a tattoo or peircing until after you've had the baby and are done breastfeeding. It's not worth the risk of spreading an infection (NOT ink poisoning) to your unborn child. Plus, think of the inspiration you'll have for that next tattoo once the baby's born.

It's not so much the ink poisoning that is the risk, but more just having your body go through trauma. I am a tattoo artist and have been involved in the community for almost 20 years, and the rule any self resepcting artist is that people who are pregnant SHOULD NOT BE TATTOOED OR PIERCED! period. Because both of these things causes your body pain and trauma, and when your body feels pain, your body reacts in a physiological manner, and that stress and tension could harm your child. Why risk it? Just wait the 9 months and get it done then.

Note: the ink in the blood stream is not the concern with tattoos, it is the possible blood born pathogens that can be transmitted by improperly cleaned tools. Hepatitis B, HIV, and AIDS are a few of the most common diseases spread by contact with infected blood. Because a fetus' blood circulates through the mother's body first, it is exposed to any infection the mother has. Just wait.

You should NOT get a tattoo while pregnant as the huge amount of adrenaline your body produces can cause a miscarriage. You are also very prone to get a blood infection no matter how clean your tattoo parlour is and your body is trying to keep your buba safe (information taken from my tattoo artist and confirmed by other tattoo artists i have spoken to).