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Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

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Q: Can girl become pregnant if the sperm flowout from underwear and boy touch it from underwear and then he insert finger after 10 minutes in vagina of girl?
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Is it possible to become pregnant when boy wearing underwear and jeans and girl wearing her underwear and skinny tight legging?

unless they come off then you can get pregnant

Can you underwear cause a female to get pregnant?

The only thing that causes a female to become pregnant is sperm coming in contact with her vaginal area.

Can you get pregnant from dry-sex if you had underwear and your boyfriend had basketball shorts on even though you are on birth control?

the chance of you becoming pregnant from that are slim to none, mainly because you are on birth control, and the only way to become pregnant is if the semen enters the uterus, if there was so semen on your underwear you are not pregnant!

Can a girl become pregnant if she has no underwear and the guy does and he enters her?

Maybe if you dont want her to get pregnit you should either not have sex at all or reduce the risk by using a condom not your underwear.

If you and your girlfriend are grinding with all clothes on and there is a slight spot on your pants can she become pregnant even if she has sweats shorts and underwear on?

maybe did she have a slight spot on her sweat shorts and underwear

I washed my hands with water from semen then four hours later i touched her underwear for 3 seconds Can she become pregnant?

absolutely not

Can a woman who's a virgin become pregnant if a male comes on her vagina with both of them wearing underwear?

if he cums in her vagina, they are not wearing underwear. if sperm come into contact with a vagina, pregnancy is a possibility.

Can you be pregnant if a boy was touching your vagina and breasts but you had your clothes on?

Chances of becoming pregnantIf he was only touching you with something other than his penis you can not become pregnant. However, if he was touching you with his penis, and ejaculated and his ejaculation seeped through your clothing and underwear, then there is a chance that you could become pregnant. But you can not become pregnant unless his sperm comes in contact with your vagina. Good luck. if he look at you for a long time you will get pregnant

Can a woman become pregnant if a man puts semen on her underwear?

No. Not only does the semen die quickly outside the body, it has no way to travel up into the vagina.

Can you become pregnant if you have shingles?

You can become pregnant if you have shingles.

Which male celebrities have become underwear models?

Many male celebrities have become underwear models. Pete Rose was a commercial model for Jockey, and Tom Brady has recently been mentioned to be in negotiations to model Calvin Klein underwear.

Can a woman become pregnant minutes after intercourse?

No, it takes a few days and you don't get symptoms until a few weeks after the earliest.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you were grinding she had no underwear on but you had on boxers and you also never got off plus she wasnt on her period?

If your pre-ejaculate were to come in contact, whether indirectly or not, with her vulva/vaginal area, then yes, there is still a chance that she could become pregnant.

At what age do you have to be in order to become pregnant?

You can become pregnant as early as your first period.

How do men become pregnant?

It is not possible for a man (human male) to become pregnant.

What time a lady become pregnant?

A woman can become pregnant anytime she has sex.

Can a women still become pregnant even though she is not menstruating?

If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way. If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way.

Can a female get pregnant if having intercourse but males penis was inside a cotton underwear but the sperms came out and the penis was fully inside the vagina?

Your question is a little unclear but I would have to say yes.If any amount of semen or pre-cum makes it's way into the vagina you can become pregnant. If you do not wish to become pregnant you should always use a condom and/or a reliable method of birth control.

Can a eunuch become pregnant?

A eunuch is a castrated male. Males cannot become pregnant.

When will a girl become pregnant?

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

When did the advertising of women's underwear become common?

Large-scale advertising campaigns trumpeting the virtues of underwear became commonplace by the end of the 1870s.

Is Will Young pregnant?

No. Men cannot become pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you are fertile?

yes, you have to be fertile to become pregnant.

What does dreaming of dead fish mean?

It means that someone you know is either pregnant, about to become pregnant, about to find out they are pregnant, or want to become pregnant. Creepy, right?

How do you become pregnant?

To become pregnant, you must have sexual intercourse with a man or use artificial insemination.