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yes, if any sperm comes into contact with the vagina, you can get pregnant

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Q: Can girl get pregnant of left over semen on penis?
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Can you get a girl pregnant if you get semen on your hands and wipe most of it off and then finger a girl?

if there is any sperm left on your hand then yes you can potentially get her pregnant.

Can a virgin get pregnant from semen left on a toilet seat?


Can a female get pregnant from semen left on a toilet seat?


If the semen is left on the walls of vagina do you get pregnant?

Not always, but that IS how it happens.

If penis entered in to vagina after ejaculation is there chance to conceive?

Possibly since it's a matter of semen left on penis when inserting.

Can you get pregnant if you don't wipe off the sperm off his penis?

You can only get pregnant if the sperm from his penis reaches the inside of your vagina. Sperm left on his penis can't make you pregnant unless he enters your vagina.

When using the pull out method and not washing the penis before penetration is there a chance of you being pregnant?

1/4 get pregnant using the pull out method because there is always pre-ejaculate. So yes, you can be. Washing the penis still means there can be semen left in the urethra or new is coming as pre-ejaculate. This is not a safe method.

Can semen left on your penis after intercorse have any side effects?

no it will just fry up... ie the sperm dies

Could you become pregnant with a condom left inside of you?

The semen can leak out when you try to get it out so yes you can.

What is the opposite of semen?

There is no "opposite" for semen. Semen is a fluid that the body creates to carry the sperm through the penis & ejaculate it out of the end of the penis. Semen is a noun, & nouns don't really have Opposites, pronouns & Verbs, yes; Adjectives, maybe , nouns not so much. A cat is not really the opposite of dog, Up is the opposite of down, left is the oposite of Right.

Can you get pregnant if a guy washes semen off with alcohol then puts it back in?

Yes there might still be left inside the urethra.

How do you squeeze left over semen from a penis?

If you have recently ejaculated there is going to be a small amount of semen left inside your urethra and with enough squeezing (start at the base with your hand gripped tightly and slowly move up to the head) you should be able to get a small amount of the leftovers out. Try tensing your penis if you can, its the same feeling as if you stop yourself during urination.

Is there semen left in the ejaculation that comes out of you after sex?

Ejaculation is semen.

Is it unhealthy if sperm comes out with urine?

If there is sperm or semen left in the penis or the vagina after sex it can wash out later with your urine. This is no problem at all and perfectly natural.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if semen drips out the vagina?

Has nothing to do with the drip out, and everything to do with where you're at in your menstrual cycle. There will be enough left inside to get you pregnant, if you had sex close to your fertile days.

Can a girl get pregnant by just a half a finger tip of pre come?

No. A woman/girl can not get pregnant from any amount of precum. The area of the mans body that produces precum has nothing to do with the testicles that release actually sperm. The only way you could get pregnant from precum is if you have sex more then one time and he does not urinate between those times. Urinating will sterilize and clean out the inside of the penis and any sperm left in the penis will be eliminated. It's all scientific and it works.

Can you get pregnant if a guy comes outside of the girl than wipes it off with a towel and re-enters the girl with his penis?

There is always a risk when the penis is inside. Unless you want to risk pregnancy never ever be inside without a condom. Pre-ejaculate can also contain sperm and inside the urethra there can also be sperms left after the ejaculation.

Can you get pregnant from a un-curcumsized penis?

Yes. The foreskin removed by circumcision does not completely cap off the head of the penis if left there. Just as an uncircumsized male can urinate, he can also ejaculate.

Can you get pregnant if the guy takes out his penis?

Yes. The pre-ejaculate may have some sperm cells left from a previous ejaculation.

There was sperm left over in his penis and could it possibly have gotten you pregnant?

Yes all it takes to get you pregnant is one sperm, that gets into your vagina and sperm are fast swimmers.

In a dance a girl grinds on your penis would you want your penis to go up straight or curve to the left when erected?

Doesn't matter. Most men have a curved penis more or less and the vagina is soft and adapts.

How likely are you to get pregnant off of pre-ejaculate fluid?

Think of it this way. If a male has recently ejaculated, the semen comes out. But not all of it. If he were to have sex with a female sometime later, the "pre-cum" would contain the semen that was left behind from the previous ejaculation. The chances of getting pregnant from this is not as high as the whole ejaculation. But why take the risk?

Can pregnancy happen if the penis enters the vagina after ejaculating on the outside?

Yes. The penis may have semen in the urethra that can then enter the vagina. Semen can also be carried/pushed in by the penis. Semen can also' find its way into the vagina without the penis if you ejaculate on the outside of the vagina. I agree with the above statement, but to a degree. It depends if your partner is ovulating for one, and two, Semen finding its' way outside of the vagina into the vaginal opening and making it all the way to the Cervix; is highly improbable, unless the male literally spills semen in the vaginal opening, a lot of it at that, is the only way there is a "chance." A small chance, but a chance.. "Residual" sperm is left over from the ejaculation, and is known to be the "weaker" and "Immotile" sperm that is leftover, and by thrusting the penis near the cervix lies a chance of leftover sperm doing the job of what they were created to do in the first place. "Fertilize an egg.!" Urination cleanses the Urethra of any left over Sperm. If done properly; Withdrawal method has a 4% failure rate. Good luck....

If a guy uses a condom 2 times within an hour and a half then on the third time he doesn't is it just as likely for the girl to get pregnant?

It is certainly possible. It is not quite as likely, but there is a possibility that there may still be semen left on the mans penis from the last two sexual encounters. Also, just because it will take longer for the man to ejaculate after he has had sex a couple of times in quick succession, it doesn't mean he won't ejaculate at all.

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