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Can girls ask boys out?


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Yes. If your parents let you date. Some boys really like being asked out by a girl. Heck, yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Girls are as good as boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go girls!!

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it is so simple boys to girls . who is the people to ask out , boys ask girls . girls do not ask boys.

generally the boys ask out the girls, but occasionally the girls ask the guys out, but it's not as common.

Boys generally, but it is acceptable for girls to ask boys out.

Boys ask girls out (or boys/girls ask boys/girls out...), when they like that person and want to be on a deeper level of relationship with one another. Going out can be either on a date or to be in a relationship with one another.

no i don't agree because it is weird when the girls ask out the boys. the boys are the one who are supost to ask out the girls not the girls asking out the boys. that is not how it work.

Sometimes girl can ask guys out but its more normal for the guy to ask a girl out but some boys take to long to ask girls out so alot of girls ask boys out too.

the same way that boys ask out girls

No, in fact, girls should ask out boys more often, boys love it. They love girls who know what they want!

Yes, girls have just as much of a right to ask boys out as boys do to ask girls out. You should definitely ask this boy out if you have feelings for him, you should try asking him to hang out and become his friend first, then ask him out if you want. but don't rush into things if you're too young!

Same as boys ask girls. Just ask him.

i belive anyone no matter who it is what they look like or whatever gender can ask out the person doesnt matter at all as long as you want to

AnswerThere is nothing wrong with asking a boy to go out on a date. Unfortunately, in this day and age boys will often get the wrong idea, so do be careful who you ask out.Sure girls can ask boys out because some boys are some times shy to other girls like popullar ones and the girls would like to go on a date with the boys.

Nervous girls can ask boys out through a text message or Email. They can also ask boys out through a telephone call. It is also a good idea for a nervous girl to try and ask the boy out on a personal basis.

because first guys fell in love with girls, so boys have to ask you out

No, boys usually don't walk up to girls and say "Do I like you?"

Girls are really scared to ask boys out becuzz there a girl and they think jis becuz ur a boy ur suppose to lik them and ask them out fisrt but sum boys lik girls to ask them out first!

hi can u show me your but or u are ready for s@x

No! I mean, it Depends on who is comfortabl with what but I'm a girl and I have never and will never ask a boy out because I am a classic romantic and boys should get courage and ask girls.

No. Absolutely not. ask a stupid question....

If you have to ask, you're not it... y do u ask:)

Because boy don't see what they really are and boys don't ask girls out!!

Well, actually, some girls do ask out boys. I've asked out guys before... But Girls prefer guys to ask them out because they're the "Boy". It seems stupid because it shouldn't matter who asks out who as long as the answer is yes, right? It never mattered to me, but some people view it differently. It's perfectly fine if you're a girl, and want to ask out a boy. Plus, a lot of girls get really shy and nervous. That could also be a very good reason for why they don't want to ask a guy out.

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