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Yes. You are not supposed to do that when you're pregnant. The web site Childbirth Connection writes, "If you are in the early stages of pregnancy, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to neural tube defects in the baby."

2006-08-03 16:38:45
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Going into a hot tub or sauna it will cause a miscarriage is that correct?

yes. it could. I wanted to go into a hot tub when I was pregnant and I was advised not to.

Can eating hot sauce cause a miscarriage?

No it can not.

Can a hot bath cause a miscarriage?

No, NO and NO You may have a miscarriage after a hot bath but the bath had absolutely nothing to do with it. While we are at it, gin, horseback riding, sex, heavy lifting and a load of other things do not cause miscarriage either.

Can hot Guinness cause a miscarriage?

No. Guiness is a beer and there's a old myth that if you hot it up and drink it can prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriage. This is not true. It will just be warm beer.

Can drinking hot water cause a miscarriage?

There doesn't seem to be any evidence that drinking hot water would cause a miscarriage. Drinking coffee or tea could be avoided because of the caffeine.

Is going in a sauna bad if you are pregnant?

Yes, you should avoid hot tubs at least for the first few months. Because your body temperature can be raised, you risk causing neural tube defects. There is also some suspected issues with miscarriage.

Can just plain hot Guinness cause miscarriage?

No it can not but you shouldn't drink when pregnant.

What the meaning of sauna?

Sauna is a hot room with a stove, meant to induce sweating.

How do you induce sweating during a sauna?

You don't have to 'induce' sweating, your body does it automatically when it gets hot and a sauna will make you hot.

Does drinking a hot coke and taking two aspirins make you have a miscarriage?

not really though aspirin 'thins' blood if in adequate amounts. ** NO. This will not cause a miscarriage.

Is a room plan the same as a sauna?

No. Room plan is a blueprint. Sauna is a hot room.

Are sauna safe for hair color?

Yes. Sauna doesn't get as hot as say a hair dryer.

How hot is a sauna?

between 170 to 190f.

How hot is it in a sauna?

4000000000 degrees not incredibly hot, but hot enough to make you sweat

What is hot guiness?

Guiness is a beer and there's a old myth that if you hot it up and drink it can prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriage. This is not true. It will just be warm beer.

Does a sauna harbor germs?

Everything harbors bacteria and germs. Though, if it were hot enough in the sauna, you could boil the bacteria alive and rid it of germs, but only what is boiling hot.

Can you use a hot tub or sauna during pregnancy?


Does hot Malt cause miscarriages?

No. It's dangerous to attempt to cause a miscarriage. Any miscarriage poses health risks, include an incomplete miscarriage, severe loss of blood, infection, and possibly death. Go to a doctor or hospital immediatley if you are having one. If you are talking about Malt Beer then yes! If you are talking about Malted Milk no!

Which companies would install a home sauna?

There are a few companies online that offer this service. The most highly recommended ones are called Oasis Hot Tub and Sauna, Joco and Solhem Sauna.

How do you use sauna and steam properly?

You make the sauna hot, get naked, you sit on the top bench, throw water on the stove and sweat away.

How hot should a sauna be when you use it?

80-120c (180-250f)

Does hot press causes miscarriage?

No it cannot.

What are some ways to do a facial sauna at home?

There are many ways once can do a facial sauna at home. These include using hot water in a plugged sink, a steamer (with care), or a specially designed face sauna device.

Can you use electronics in a sauna?

You can, but I wouldn't recommend it, since it is really humid and hot in sauna, and both levels are above recommended electronics use levels.

How is an infrared sauna different from a traditional sauna?

Instead of using steam like in traditional saunas an infrared sauna uses infrared heaters. Both are just as hot, but some claim more health benefits from infrared.