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Q: Can going to mass on Friday as a catholic make up for going Sunday?
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How do you make your DSi a Friday when it is a Sunday?

In System Setting in date.

Are they going to make Friday the 13th part10?

i don't think there going to make Friday the 13th part10 because in part 9. Jason goes to hell

What feast days are in triduum?

Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday make up the Triduum.

Did Good Friday fall on April 4 1974?

Easter Sunday fell on April 14th in 1974. This would make Good Friday the 12th April.

If Jesus died on Good Friday and was ressurected on Easter Sunday wouldn't that make Saturday the sabbath?

Yes; Because Saturday was the Sabbath, Jesus had to be taken away before 6pm on Friday (as 6pm Friday is when the Sabbath begins). That's why the women didn't go to the tomb until Sunday - as they couldn't annoint the body on Saturday.

What movie are they going to make fun of in scary movie 5?

Not sure but probably Friday the 13th

Are you only suppose to go to Mass on Saturday night if there is no way to get to Mass on Sunday?

.Catholic AnswerYes, a Catholic is required to attend Mass each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. The Church has tried to make this easier by supplying a Sunday (or Holy Day) Mass on the evening preceding, thus Sunday Mass is celebrated in most Churches starting on Saturday evening and this fulfills your obligation.

How do you make a sentence with cavalier?

i am annoyed at james' cavalier attitude about going to church every Sunday.

Do you have to marry in the Catholic Church to baptize your children?

If you are going to contract a marriage with a person who is not Catholic, and you wish to marry that person in the Church they belong, you may do so provided you have a dispensation. It is not necessary, therefore to marry in the Catholic Church to baptize your children. But it IS necessary to raise them in the PRACTICE of the Catholic Faith if you want your children baptized. This means YOU must make a concerted effort to attend Mass on Sunday's or Holy Days of obligation, and bring your children.

A teacher walks into the Classroom and says If only Yesterday was Tomorrow Today would have been a Saturday Now on which Day did the Teacher make this Statement?


Why does the Spanish calendar begin with Monday?

Because most Spanish-speaking countries are predominately Roman Catholic, and the Roman Catholic church teaches that the Sabbath is Sunday. But the Bible says the Sabbath is the seventh day. So in order to make Sunday the seventh day they start the calendars with Monday. So, why is Saturday in Spanish a cognate for Sabath? It is called Sabado.

How do you make Sunday a special day?

God created the world in seven days. On the seventh day, he rested. Therefore, Sunday is called the Sabbath, a day of rest. We don't do our regular routines on this day. However, we should not be lazy. Here's how to make Sunday special: Rest and thank God for the world he created! Actually the 7th day began at sundown on friday and ended at sundown on sayurday.Later the catholic church changed the sabbatth day to sunday.It is an ongoing joke among the high ranking catholic leaders that the protestants recieved this change without question,thereby unknowingly acknowledgeing catholic claims of being the true church.After all what other of the 10 commandments given to moses has been changed,and who other than God has the authority to change any scripture?

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