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  • You bet it can, I used to drink a lot, I went to detox and my hair turned grey mixed in with the black, it looked like I had it streaked. It was REALLY noticeable. When I got out of detox and quit drinking, my hair went back to it's natural color.
  • No. Once the hair follicle stops producing the pigment necessary to make a hair its normal color, it will always grow a gray (or white) hair and this will not ever change (unless the follicle dies and then there is no more hair!) But seriously, think about it, if this were possible wouldn't that mean that men and women would just turn their hair back instead of dying it?
  • I used to smoke several packs of cigarettes a day. My hair and to some extent my complexion, had turned gray. After stopping cigarettes and resuming rigorous exercise - my gray hair fell out and is only starting to return now - 17 years later at 52. So I agree that there may not be a solution in a bottle, but if lifestyle is the cause - lifestyle change can be the solution.
  • I am proof that it can. I regularly pull gray hairs out of my head, and the bottom 18 inches or so may be gray, and the top 4 inches are dark brown again. I haven't dyed my hair or anything. I can put some support towards the fact that it may have to do with diet and exercise, since about 8 months ago I began to exercise daily and eat healthier, and taking vitamins every once in a while. The amount of growth that has changed back to the original color seems about right for that time period, as my hair grows pretty fast. I have a few hairs that are gray all the way to the follicle still, however. It seems about a 2/3 chance they have turned back. By the way, I'm 22, so I am *hoping* that diet is the reason I had been getting a few gray hairs.
  • Actually it can, it depends on the cause if its due to lack of nutrients and proteins that make up the hair (IE due to a change in your diet etc.). If you have a nutritional deficiency and reintroduce these nutrients back into your body again theoretically that can change it back to what it was because it was only missing some vital protein to make the pigment and was unable to function properly without it, but will function properly again when it is reintroduced. You could give this a try, it may not work however as there could be many other things wrong and it may in fact be nothing to do with your intake of proteins etc. Age related graying, no, there's nothing you can do about that as its to do with the cells and proteins dying and as the above poster said they no longer produce the pigment due to this and not due to missing any ingredient, they now can't function properly at all.
  • Premature graying can happen at any age ... generally from the 20's up. I knew a young man in elementary school who had a tin can thrown at him which cut the scalp and he had a patch of white hair about two inches in diameter. The cut had caused damage to the hair follicles. Gray hair can be hereditary and some young people may be what they call, 'salt and pepper'. It's genetics and it's no different than a 20 or 30 year old male going almost bald. These hereditary factors generally come from the mother's genes when it comes to hair loss. Not all people that are getting older get gray hair. I am 65 and don't have one strand of gray hair (my mother didn't either) and my father had what I refer to as 'silver wings' just gray hair on the side of his head. Once hair is gray it becomes coarse and it's 'dead hair' and there is no product out there that will reverse this short of dying it yourself or having it dyed by a hairstylist. Gray hair also absorbs dye very quickly so if a person has black hair they are better to get it done professionally. It is true that there are certain medical treatments and diseases where the hair may revert back to color (and it won't be exactly the same color as they had before; perhaps a shade or two lighter.)
  • Yes, it can and I have hairs on my head that prove it. They are black on the ends, gray in the middle and black at the roots (naturally). It's actually pretty cool. I figure it has to do more with my diet than anything else. I started taking a multi vitamin and multi mineral everyday and I think that caused the color to come back. If you are genetically predisposed to premature graying, though, I don't think it will turn back.

A bit more:

As for the answer above that stated that gray hair absorbs color more quickly, that is definitely not the case. My gray hair takes much longer for the color to take than the hair that is still its natural color, as is also the case with gray hair for most people. So before dying it for the first time you need to do a test strand to determine how well your hair absorbs the color.

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Q: Can gray hair turn back to its normal color?
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