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Can guppies eat goldfish flakes?

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No they should not, goldfish like higher vegetable protein levels, where as guppies need more animal protein.

2018-04-10 01:35:11
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Can you feed goldfish and guppies the same food?

Yes, I keep both guppies and goldfish in my aquarium. I feed them both tropical or goldfish flakes. They will eat them both! Goldfish will usually consume any fish food.

Can they eat goldfish flakes?

yes they can eat flakes

Do goldfish eat guppies?

If the goldfish is big enough and the guppies small enough, yes the guppies could well be eaten by the goldfish. Also, guppies should never be with guppies are guppies are tropical fish and goldfish are coldwater fish.

Guppy eat goldfish?

Guppies don't get large enought to eat goldfish. They will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. The goldfish might eat your guppies though.-Melchisedek

Do goldfish eat watery carrot?

No. They eat goldfish flakes.

What do goldfish eat besides flakes?

Goldfish can eat flakes, pellets, blood worms, and plankton.

What fish eat guppies?


Can goldfish eat corn flakes cereal?

No, corn flakes do not have the right mix of nutrients for goldfish.

Do fathead minnows eat goldfish flakes?

I have a goldfish pond and the minnows keep sneaking in, they eat like pirranas everytime I put the flakes in!! My goldfish get none.

Will goldfish eat your guppies if they already eat blood-worms?

Guppies and Goldfish should never ever ever be together.... EVER.

Will goldfish eat guppies?

They should never be together because Goldfish are coldwater fish and guppies are tropical fish.

Can male beta eat goldfish flakes?

i was wondering if it is ok to feed my beta fish goldfish flakes?

What do fantails eat?

They eat regular goldfish flakes

Can a goldfish eat crackers?

No but they eat oatmel flakes

How do goldfish eat flakes?

they eat it with thier mouth

Can you put your guppies with your common goldfish in a goldfish pond or will the goldfish eat them because he is so big?

who cares? I think they will eat them because i once had two little guppies and the next morning they were gone. Answer- Yes, they will eat them. If they don't the guppies will die, because the stuff on the goldfish is like a poison for other fish. You should only put goldfish with goldfish.

How many pieces of goldfish flakes should a fish eat?

for every inch your goldfish is give it 4 flakes

What does a goldfish eat?

Tiny flakes of goldfish food.Goldfish eat fish food and sometimes the plants in the water.

What do goldfish eat beside flakes?

think about what the flakes are made of. these are also things that hey eat.

What types of fish food can goldfish eat?

feeder goldfishes eat goldfish granules and fancy goldfishes eat goldfish flakes

Why do goldfish only eat fish flakes?

no they dont only eat fish flakes they eat pellets dried shrimp i think u mean why are goldfish recommend flakes its bacause its a one way diet it has everything they need

What do small goldfish eat?

Small goldfish can eat either small pellets or normally goldfish food flakes. If feeding them goldfish flakes I feed them 6 per gold fish yes they eat pretty much a godd amount so they can grow

Do Clownfish eat goldfish flakes?

I don't think goldfish flakes would provide them with the right nutrients. Try saltwater flakes with brine shrimp. My clown loves them.

Will a Black Moor Goldfish eat guppies?

large ones do.

What kinds of fish eat guppies?

Goldfish. They are "feeder" fish for them.