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Hi i am with NRRF,

which stands for national rodent rescue foundation

no hamsters and guinea pigs can not live in the same cage together because

hamsters are very territorial and can be very aggressive and violent toward the guinea pig.

Not only that but their sleeping patterns are different. Hamsters are awake during the night and guinea pigs during the day.

Also their diet is very different as well. Hamsters mainly subsist on seeds and nuts and guinea pigs mostly on vegetables and timothy hay as well as pellets

also vitamin c here are some veggies that have vitamin c

Turnip Greens 260 mg

Mustard Greens 252 mg

Dandelion Greens 200 mg

Kale 192 mg

Brussels Sprouts 173 mg

Parsley 140 mg

Collard Greens 140 mg

Guavas 125 mg

Beet Greens 100 mg

Broccoli Leaf* 120 mg

Cauliflower 100 mg

Kohlrabi 100 mg

Strawberries 100 mg

Broccoli Florets 87 mg

Spinach 60 mg

Raspberries 60 mg

Rutabaga 52 mg

Orange 50 mg

Cabbage (all leaves and Chinese

cabbage also) 50 mg

So I hope you and your little hamster and guinea pig are okay and that you also did not put them together in the same cage

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Q: Can hamsters and guinea pigs live in the same cage?
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Why can't hamsters and guinea pigs live in the same cage?

because guinea pigs are aggressive

Will guinea pigs fight with hamsters?

Yes , Guinea Pigs will fight with hamsters , you cannot keep them together in the same cage anyway , it is dangerous for the hamster to live in a Guinea pigs cage because the bars are bigger and it could get its head stuck. GUENIA PIGS WILL FIGHT WITH HAMSTERS!

Can guinea pigs and hamsters live together?

No not in the same cage cuz like bigger people bully smaller people, the guinea pigs will hurt the hamsters

Can dwarf hamsters live in the same cage as guinea pigs?

No, they tend to fight.

Can guinea pigs live with hamsters?

No the guinea pigs will beat up the hamsters

Guinea pigs are better than hamsters right?

DEFINETLYhamsters stink i have a guinea pig now and i had a hamster to. guinea pigs you can actually play with them and hamsters just sit in their cage already

Which animal lives in a cage?

There are many animals that live in a cage. Some animals that live in a cage include rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, and other various small animals.

Do guinea pigs or hamsters live longer?

Guinea pigs and hamsters are just about the same animal, so they die at about the same time.

Could Guinea pigs and hamsters live in the same cage?

I have been told they will fight if living together.

Can chipmunks and guinea pigs live together?

chipmunks and guinea pigs should not live in the same cage together.

How many guinea pigs can live in a cage?

That depends on the size of the cage.

Do hamsters like the cold?

i think they dont cuz my guinea pigs dont and guinea pigs and hamsters are alot alike i think they dont cuz my guinea pigs dont and guinea pigs and hamsters are alot alike

Do guinea pigs and chipmunks live well together in the same cage or do they fight?

guinea pigs and chipmunks should not live together.

How long do guinea pigs and hamsters live?

7 years

Can you use the same kind of cage for a hamster that you do for a guinea pig?

yes you can use the same cage, hamsters and guinea pigs are roughly the same animals and can use a hamster cage. Rabbits and guinea pigs can use the same cage also if it is pig enough. Depending on the size of your guinea pig, also guinea pigs love to hide so some sort of hiding object is great.

A good lead for hamsters and guinea pigs?

Did u know how guinea pigs and hamsters alike

Can guinea pigs and hamsters visit in the same cage?

yes gini pig and hamsters can be in the same gage but they can not stay together to long

Are ZuZu Pets hamsters or guinea pigs?

they are guinea pigs

What kind of cage should your guinea pig have?

It's good to have a cage where your guinea pig is able to explore every corner without bumping into the sides. It should not have a wheel - guinea pigs are not hamsters.

Who longer guinea pigs or hamsters?

If you mean who lives longer it would be guinea pigs. They live 4-8 years on average while hamsters generally only live 2-3 years.

Why are guniea pigs better than hamsters?

I wouldn't say that either is better then the other but guinea pigs are more calm. also hamsters are most likely to bite some people say but they only bite if they are scared so if you don't scare them they won't bite simple. but also hamsters are actually lower in price and don't need that much room which is a plus on their side but they are also nocturnal and guinea pigs are awake during the the day and sleep at night. Another thing is that hamsters are more active then guinea pigs so they tend to run around a lot more but this is not true for all hamsters . guinea pigs on the other hand are mostly not that active but again this is not true for all guinea pigs . but something that is for fact guinea pigs must have another to lie with they can not live alone but with hamsters on the other hand they can live alone but then again that is not really good because if you try to put to hamsters in the same cage your looking for a fight. also if guinea pigs escape they are easier to catch.

Do guinea pigs like or dislike there cage?

Depends on the Guinea Pig - also on the cage. I keep my guinea pigs in an open-bottomed cage.

HELP Is it safe for Dwarf Hamsters and Guinea Pigs to share the same cage?

no they can not they dont like sharing

Can two guinea pigs live in a nine square foot cage?

Yes the minimum for two guinea pigs is 7.5 feet so that's a good cage.

Are hamsters as energetic as guinea pigs?

both guinea pigs and hamsters can be very active although hamsters only at night, guinea pigs tend to be more playful and enjoy the company of people more.