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Yes, they can go outside for fresh food and fresh air. Make sure you don't take them out on windy days or hot days. Since they have soft fur, they could really heat up on hot days. And they just don't like the wind. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Make sure hamster have a little play area outside do they won't escape. There are even some hamster leashes you could buy, but they are hard to come by.

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Q: Can hamsters go outside
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Where would hamsters go if they got out of there cage?


Are you allowed to keep hamsters outside?

No you can't keep hamsters outside they will die! only rabbits can stay outside.

Can baby hamsters go ouside?

NO! you just shouldn't take a baby hamster outside not even a fully grown hamster should go outside.

Can pet hamsters go outside in their ball?

they can go outside in their ball but do not put them in the grass. Grass is like a razor blade for them so if they nibble on the grass they will die in a couple of minutes.

How many degrees does it have to be for a hamster to go outside?

If it's too cold for you then it's too cold for your hamsters.

Can hamsters puke?

no hamsters can not puke due to there small size and they don't catch bugs and sicknesses like humans,dogs and cats because they don't go outside often

What weather is it good to take your hamsters outside?

Sunset, in the wild hamsters usually come out at night.

Can hamsters sleep outside?

No don't try it. They will die.

Do hamsters live better outside or inside?


Can hamsters live in your backyard?

Absolutely not! Hamsters cab freeze outside, especially is it snows or rains or hails. Hamsters require warmth day and night. You must keep your hamsters indoors!

Do hamsters go through puberty?

Yes hamsters do

Do hamsters have fleas or ticks?

Hamsters like all mammals, get fleas and ticks when placed outside or in dirty conditions.

When do hamsters go to sleep?

hamsters go to sleep during the day because they are NOCTURNAL.

How do you say i have two hamsters?

"I have two hamsters" there you go, have fun!

Are zhu zhu hamsters the same as go go hamsters?

Yes, they are. As far as I know it was Go Go but then they changed their brand name.

Can a hamsters cage be put outside in the summer?

sorry but no if u put them outside in the summer they would have a heat stroke.

Are go go hamsters poisonous?

I think NO.......

Do hamsters go in to hipernation?


Do hamsters get eaten by anything?

Hamsters do in fact get eaten by larger animals. If left outside in the yard, hamster can be eaten by birds like owls.

What other hamsters can go with Asian dwarf hamsters?

Only if it is a dwarf with a dwarf

Can cats and hamsters pass germs?

* yes cats and hamsters can spread germs you are not supposed to put hamsters close to your face or kiss them * cats can spread germs because if they are an outside cat they could get germs from outside also the liter and licking temselves might give them some or a lot of germs

Can hamsters live outside in the summer in a hut?

It is possible and yes if they get enough shade

Where can you get go go hamsters?

i'm not compleetly sure but i know when i got my hamster there where go go hamsters at toys r us. i didnt go there to get my hamster but after i got mine i went there for my brother. Also try Boots, and Go Go Hamsters UK store.well have fun,lilypad617

Do hamsters die in winter?

If kept inside normal syrian hamsters don't die in winter. I wouldn't suggest puting it outside in winter at all.

Is it normal for dwarf hamsters to not want to eat outside of the cage?

Well my hamsters never eat out of the cage, dont know why but they never do its nothing to worry about