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How can you tell if a person has ADHD

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Q: Can having an ADHD sibling give you some of the symptoms of ADHD?
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Please what are the symptoms of ADHD in children that i should look out for. And also what types of food should i give or avoid giving my child that could help in treating ADHD symptoms.?

Diet info here for symptoms

What diet is good for children with ADHD?

There is a diet to help children with ADHD to control the symptoms that come with this disorder. It is proven that some foods can help or make you child's symptoms worse. To help control your child's ADHD symptoms give them less foods that have large amounts of sugar and more vegatables and fruits. Also, certain nuts and fish can help control the symptoms of ADHD. If you would like to learn more go to

Can you give guanfacine instead of intuniv to your child to help with her adhd symptoms?

Guanfacine is the generic form of Intuniv. So if the same dose and form, yes.

What is an appropriate dollar amount to give a sibling for a wedding gift?

If you prefer to give money rather than a wedding gift then only give your sibling on her wedding day money that you can afford and do not put yourself in debt. Your sibling should be happy with any amount you can afford.

How do you handle sibling jealousy?

To get rid of sibling jealousy you have to distribute affection and material assets alike, so if you give one present to one you must give another of equal value or of same quality to the other. The feat of having twins is easier to endure if it is a girl and a boy as two of the same gender seem to be more aggressive .Generally girls tend to have the most sibling rivalry/jealousy though !!

Can you ask YOUR doctor for Adderall if you have ADHD?

You can ask your doctor for anything; whether they give it to you is another thing. ___________________ DON'T ASK for it. Review the symptoms of ADD, and then tell him/her that you hae those symptoms. The DR will give you a non-narcotic first, but then tell him it doesnt work. Eventually, he'll give you Adderall. ___________________ When i have patients come in to tell me that they have ADHD, i often ask them many symptoms, then i offer coffee, if you have ADHD, coffee should make you VERY tired almost immediately and tell your doctor that you are feeling tired, not hyper! Do not confuse this! Another thing you can do is if your doctor prescribes you a drug i highly doubt it would be Adderall on your first test to see the dosage that you need, but honestly, if i were you i would try to get the lowest dosage possible. DR. Prince Royal-Johnson M.D.

What is an interesting how to topic?

How to give a dog a bath. How to manipulate your sibling

Are there scholarships for people with ADHD?

It depends on location, grade level, etc. If you're in college most of the time disability services will give out or have lists of other people who give out scholarships for possibly ADHD solely, but usually just disabilities in general, which ADHD falls under.

Does the lead singer of green day have ADHD?

no,what would give you that idea?!

How do you convince your parents that you have ADD?

1. find a list of symptoms 2. read and make sure that YOU think you have ADHD 3. give it to your parent and ask them to read it 4. give them a similar list but it describes YOU 5. ask them to make an appointment with your pediatrician so he/she can confirm it 6. talk to your parents about accommodations your school can make for you 7. talk to your parents about the advantages to ADHD i recommend reading Dr. Halowell

How do you find a dr to give adhd medication quickly?

You either need to find a Family Doctor who is experienced and comfortable diagnosing and treating mental illness, or you can see a Psychiatrist. After discussing your symptoms, most providers who feel you have ADHD or ADD will start a treatment plan. Do not expect to get an Rx for medication from anyone if you don't meet the criteria for a diagnosis!

Can sibling give custody to a non parent?

No. A sibling has no authority to grant custody of anyone to anyone. Only a court can grant legal custody.

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