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Not that I heard of it may disqualify you from getting some scholarships since they may not award to those who have children but kids never stopped anyone from getting into school unless they allowed it to hope everythign works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Can having an illegitimate child keep you from getting into school?
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Can an illegitimate child be baptized?

An illegitimate child can be baptized.

What does illegitimate child mean?

An illegitimate child is a child that is born to a couple that is not married.

Does Tracy mcgrady have an illegitimate child and by whom?

Yes, Tracy McGrady does have an illegitimate child. However, there is no name associated with whom he has an illegitimate child with.

What is the difference between legitimate child and a illegitimate child?

The differences is that the legitimate child is the legal child while the illegitimate child is the illegal child.

Is the rights of the adopted child and illegitimate child same?

Generally, yes - as long as paternity has been established for the "illegitimate" child.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have an illegitimate child?

No. Leonardo WAS an illegitimate child but he never had any children himself.

What does having a baby out of wedlock in the fourteenth century mean?

Having a child "out of wedlock" means that the parents are not married, and therefore the child is illegitimate. The phrase is not limited to the 14th Century, but is still used.

When is the word 'illegitimate' used?

When a child is born out of wedlock.

What is illegitimate child?

Refers to a child born out of wedlock.

Was jesus an illegitimate child?

No he is not one.

How do you use the word illegitimate in a sentence?

Theft is an illegitimate way to obtain funds. An illegitimate child is one born to parents who are not married.

What is a sentence for the word illegitimate?

The court annulled the company's claim to the farm as illegitimate. Caesar's child with Cleopatra was illegitimate and could not inherit his estate.

Vince McMahon illegitimate child?


Who is mr McMahon's illegitimate child?


Does Lucille ball have an illegitimate child?


What is another name for a bastard?

Illegitimate child

Does a father have to pay child support for a illegitimate child?

Yes, if/when paternity is established.

What do child born without marriege called?


What are the rights of an illegitimate child in the Philippines?

proper allowance

What part of speech is used for a person born out of wedlock?

A person born out of wedlock is known as "illegitimate" or a "love child." The part of speech for "child" is a noun, and "illegitimate" is an adjective.

What is the citizenship of an illegitimate child of a Filipina mother?

If she is a Philippines citizen, the child can get Philippines citizenship.

What is a love child?

Love child means an illegitimate child. it means someones parents were not married when they had a baby/the love child

Do illegitimate child could ask for child support even if the child was not acknowledged by the father and their parents are not married?

The parent of an illegitimate child may ask for child support. Regardless if the parents have ever been married, every child deserves to grow up with the support of both parents.

What is the name of joe jacksons illegitimate child?

Joh'Vonnie Jackson.

Did Susan Hayward have an illegitimate child?

Yes, Johnny Depp