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Hermit Crabs live in sea water. Guppies are Freshwater Fish and will not be able to live in with hermit crabs. The crabs would no doubt eat whatever dead fish you give them.

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Q: Can hermit crab eat guppies and what everyday foods can I give hermits?
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What do land hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs have a widely varied diet that includes nearly all foods that people eat and many foods that we do not. is a comprehensive sight on hermit crab foods.

What is posinous to hermit crabs?

Foods to not feed to your hermit crab would be: anything treated with chemicals or have preservations, and most spices.

What is a hermit crabs favorate food?

There are lots of foods that hermit crabs can eat,but there probable favorate food is peanut butter.

Why do your female guppies died while have fries?

becuuse dey need more foods

What is NaCl used for in everyday life?

Everyday sdium chloride applications - seasoning for foods - preservative for foods - roads deicing etc.

What do you do if your hermit crab wont eat?

IF YOUR HERMIT CRAB WON'T EAT-If you're hermit crab won't eat give it some time or try diffrent foods. Trustme it has happened to me many times!HERMIT CRAB FOOD ADVICE-Some good things to feed your hermit crabs are shredded/ chopped carrots. They will eat about any fruit that isn't acidy like lemons, oranges, pinapple ect. Change they're un-eaten food everyday to avoid mould of sickness.

What kind of flake food do you feed guppies?

The best flake food for Guppies would be one that is high in vegetable matter. Another food that is heathy for them is finely chopped , and ground spinach. Guppies are largly vegetarian, But will eat most other foods.

Can hermit crabs eat seaweed?

Yes! They love eating foods from their native environment.

What do hermit crabs eat on land and in the water?

Hermit crabs are scroungers so they can eat almost anything. For a full list of foods, see the related link.

Do hermit crabs like light?

hermit crabs are nocturnal so they prefer the dark because predators threaten them in the day. they also prefer darker foods

What do hermit crabs eat and how do they get their food?

In the wild hermit crabs go about the shore and inland of the shores to eat nightly. They normally feed at night in the wild due to the hot sun and predictors. Hermit crabs need a wide variety of foods that contain various vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. Majority of hermit crab commercial foods on the market contain ethoxyquin and/or copper sulphate, both insecticides. Hermit crabs are from the arthropod (insect) phylum.

What do hermit crabs like to eat best?

well its impossible to know what their favorite foods are because they eat so much.i think it depends on the hermit crab itself :)

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