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Yes as well as hallucinations both auditory and visual.

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What effects does morphine have on pregnant women?

Morphine does not have any harmful effect on the fetus. But it must be taken as and when prescribed by your physician only.

What is stronger morphine or oxcodone?

That would depend entirely on the dose prescribed. For example, 10mg of oxycodone would be stronger than 1mg of morphine. However, there are other factors to consider, such as route of administration, which will effect how quickly the pain relief lasts for/

If I am allergic to Codeine should I take morphine?

codiene will have no effect if you are taking morphine - morphine in value exceeds morphine by 1/1000

Can you use morphine intravenously?

Yes, you can use morphine intravenously and it will show rapid effect. On the other hand, morphine will show slower effect if it's given intramuscularly.

Can you get a reaction from morphine?

Of course you get a reaction. A reaction means that you experience some effect from the drug and you certainly will experience the effect of morphine!

How does morphine effect the human body?

Morphine affects the human body by getting high

Can you fell euphoria from morphine tablets?

Yes, euphoria is a recognised side effect of morphine

Does morphine effect your teeth?

Yes, Morphine does effect your teeth like any other opioid medication. These medications include: morphine, hydrocodone, vicodin, lortab, roxicodone, percocet, oxycontin, etc...

What a major side effect of morphine?


How does chronic bronchitis effect the rest of your body?

what is the treatment for chronic bronchitis

Why is morphine named after morpheus?

Because Morpheus was the god of Dreams, and Morphine, as a side effect, can cause hallucinations.

The most dangerous side effect of morphine is?


Morphine side effects?

Morphine can cause: constricted pupils, constipation, sleepiness, euphoria, increased pain tolerance, pruritus (itchiness), respiratory depression, nausea and dizziness. Now, if a doctor gave a patient morphine for PAIN relief, then constipation & itchiness might be a side-effect. If a doctor gave morphine to a patient to help with diarrhea, then itchiness & euphoria might be a side effect. What determines a "side-effect" is based on the "Main-Effect" that is desired. Any effect beyond that is a side effect.

What harm can morphine cause?

i am a sciatical patient ,i feel pains too much ,my doctor prescribed this medicine for me ;SKENAN L.P 10 MG COMPOSITION CONTAINS SULFATE OF MORPHIN,is thid harmful or has side effect

What drug has the same effect as codeine?

Codeine is metabolized into morphine in the body so morphine should have similar effects.

What would happen if you smoked marijuana and took a morphine pill?

This depends on whether you are abusing morphine or taking it for a prescription. If you are using morphine to "get high" the effect of marijuana is very simple. It will just intensify the morphine and give you an increased "nodding" effect. It is actually very pleasurable. I imagine if you are taking morphine for a prescription it would just be the same as smoking weed regularly

What effects does morphine sulfate have on the venous system?

Morphine has a mild vasodilator effect. This will most likely affect arteries, but there will still be some effect on veins, albeit a smaller one

Do chemicals usually exert a chronic effect?

Depending on the chemical, and an individual's body makeup and personal chemistry, the chemical may have a chronic effect.

Can you take risperidone and morphine?

no because risperidone is antipsychotic and morphine a narcotic .... adverse mototr effect can occur ... its not compatible together

What has the author Nathan Browne Eddy written?

Nathan Browne Eddy has written: 'Synthetic substances with morphine-like effect' -- subject(s): Morphinans, Morphine, Morphine Derivatives

What is a chronic effect of exercise?

Good health

Effect of morphine on cat?

Sleepy cat.

Can you chew morphine sulfate?

Yes! get a much better faster effect.

Does morphine effect a fetus?

Yes, morphine affects the fetes even more than you think. Because the morphine goes through the placenta, the fetus is exposed to the morphine and actually gets addicted to it. When the baby is then born, he/she will show signs of withdrawal, for then he/she is no longer exposed to morphine. Misuse of morphine could also result in a spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage.

What part of the body does chronic bronchitis effect?

the lungs