Can hippos jump?

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Ya, they can, now if you're talking about elephants, they cannot jump.
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How do you jump?

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What do hippos eat?

Hippopotamuses are herbivores. They prefer soft grasses and shrubsgrowing close to the ground, such as ferns. They also eat someaquatic plants, reeds, leaves and fallen nuts or fruits. In onenight, a hippo may consume in excess of 45.5kg (100 lbs) of grass.They come out of the water at night to gras ( Full Answer )

What are a Hippos needs?

Hippos are large animals so need a lot of space. They need a pond or mudhole so they can stay cool and keep their skins moist and lots of food every day.

Where do hippos live?

They live in the continent of Africa. They might be found in swampyareas, lakes, rivers, and streams. Hippos live in Africa. They spend most of their day in a lake/riverbecause the weather is very hot and dry. Hippos leave the waterevery sunset and travel about 1-3 miles to graze.

What is a hippo?

The hippopotamus is the third largest land mammal, after the elephant and the white rhinoceros. They can weigh between 1.5 and 3.5 tons. They have short legs, a big barrel shaped body, and an enormous mouth. They eat mostly plants and spend most of the day in a lake or river, coming out in the c ( Full Answer )

Is a hippo endangered?

POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP Your inappropriate answer does not enhance your reputation in the slightest. There are between 100000 to 150000 hippos left in the world, the natural habitat is being destroyed, and they are becoming an endangered species

Are there hippos in the savanna?

Hippos live in Savanna habitats, including the African Savannaareas. These areas are hot and have sparse vegetation and trees.

Where does the hippo come from?

i give birth to them. kthanks. . tupac will be coming home in 2012. wanna throw a welcome back party with me?. hippos are really special they come from a different species called a glue stick.

Why are hippos fat?

The fat provides insulation since hippos spend so much daily time in water. Water has a high specific heat capacity so absorbs a lot of heat from anything warmer than it. Hippos' fat ensures that they stay warm and prevents the water from absorbing their heat. Extra info: Hippos spend most ( Full Answer )

What do hippos weigh?

The amphibious African hippopotamus ( Hippopotamus amphibius ) can weigh as much as 7,000 lbs. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section ( indicated below. . The amphibious African hippopotamus ( Hippopotamus amphibius ( Full Answer )

What are the enemies of hippos?

The adult hippo's only real enemy (other than man) is his mate. They bite, maim, and kill each other. The bulls fight over females in breeding season. Some people say that the main enemies of the hippo are crocodiles, lions and hyenas but I don't think they would dare attack an adult hippo. Not m ( Full Answer )

Where did hippos come from?

Beleived to be descended from an early hippopatomid, Kenyapotomus, which went extinct around eight million years ago.

Who are the hippos enemies?

frogs scare hippos away especially red FROGS!!!!!! . DEN DEN DEN. GET LOST THINK ABOUT IT YOURSELF WHY U ASKIN ME 4???????

How are hippos endangered?

They are poached for there tusks and meat and also are subject to habitat fragmentation. This is a different person but, don't listen to this person, hippos don't have tusks, this person is talking about rhinos

How do hippos mate?

Hippos can mate, but they poygamous, which means they mate with more than one partner.

Why are hippos big?

Evolution. That's really the only way to explain it, as there's no other reasons why.

How do hippos breathe?

The hippopotamus is a mammal and uses its lungs to breathe. Becauseits nostrils are located on top, it can still breathe whileremaining mostly underwater. When fully submerged, the hippopotamuscan hold its breath for a maximum of five minutes.

What does hippo mean?

Hippo is short for HIPPOPOTAMUS Since your question is under Hospital category did you mean HIPAA? If you did, this stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is a comprehensive Federal protection for the privacy of personal health information. It strives to ( Full Answer )

Are hippos violent?

Hippopotamuses live in herds of 20 to 30. They are not aggressive, but are dangerous fighters if frightened or attacked.

What about hippos?

hippos r the best thing in the world sure they maybe dangerous nbut hey the r awsum -sd

What is jumping?

Okay, jumping is when you put force into your legs and lift both feet off the ground. Also, jumping is a verb.

What is a jump?

A jump is when someone or something rises into the air- and then almost immediately comes down again.

Why are hippos called hippos?

In greek history, they called hippos water horse's because they thought hippos looked like a horse very well, but the hippos spent a lot of time in the water so they called them water horse's. But then, most of the people in the world changed it to hippopotamus.

Why do you jump?

The muscles in our legs receive electrical messages from the brain. These messages tell the muscles in the leg to retract quickly. This causes a force of upwards momentum, which is more powerful than our body's weight. So, we "jump."

Is a hippo an ectotherm?

An ectotherm is an animal whose body temperature depends on external sources. Hippos cannot regulate their own temperature, they live in water during the day and feed at dusk when the temperature is cooler. They are therefore ectotherms

Is a hippo ugly?

It depends on people's opininon. Me i think they are not ugly... i think they are cute :D

How do hippos get there food?

well... they usually eat plants so it is not very difficult though they do sometimes attack humans they are not flesh eaters

What are hippos afraid of?

Hippos are afraid of Gustave the Giant Nile crocodile. There is a real video that shows a group of adult hippos are afraid to attack gustave. Gustave the nile crocodile has been known to kill and eat adult bull hippos. Also, the hippo is also known to be afraid of elephants since elephants are much ( Full Answer )

Do hippos attack other hippos?

Yes, they do fight each other. Male Hippo's mostly, for dominance, territory, and mating rights. A female hippo will rarely fight other hippo's, but if another hippo got into it's younglings, it likely would attack.

What do you do if you get jumped?

Well recently I was jumped. 1. I would be proud that I am alive 2.Leave the issue alone and let it go 3. Notify anyone like a authority 4. Try to avoid the same situation and make sure you fight with people you know if know youre gonna get jumped again probably call the cops

Can you adopt a hippo?

Yes, I'm am pretty sure that there is a breed of hippos that don't get much bigger than when it is a baby. It costs over fifty thousand dollars though. JUST MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T CRUSH YOU WHEN IT IS ON YOUR LAP!!! __ You can also sponsor a wild hippo, which would be a much better use of your mone ( Full Answer )

Does hippo have marks?

Hippos (hippopotamuses) get pink marks of their skin, to protect them from the sun, almost like a sun block. They also get scars from fights with other hippos, mostly bulls, when two fight to see who will be the next dominant male. But cuts are healed easily and therefore the scars will not go away. ( Full Answer )

What is the appearance of the hippo?

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Why is a hippo dangerous?

Hippos are massive, for one thing. Their jaws are massive and can inflict massive force onto whatever they attack. They only become aggressive if they are threatened near their territory.

How dangerous is a hippo?

hippos are very dangerous even crocodiles and alligators are afraid of them because if a crocodile/alligator harms a baby hippo it begins to cry and it's mother hears it so it's mother comes and sits on the crocodile/alligator :D also some hippos are more aggressive then lions

How do you befriend a hippo?

Don't talk to it leave it alone and it will think your ignoring it then it will mess about to attract attention if you wante the opisite then its the oppisitee !

Can hippos stand?

Yes they can stand. Hippos can also be very dangerous if they want to attack you, too.

Why do hippos attack?

Female Hippos attack crocodiles and lions out of defense for their youngs. Male hippos attack other male hippos and humans as defense for territories.

Is a hippo strong?

Yes, they're very powerful animals. Their jaws are a force to be reckoned with, and something to not be taken lightly, since they are the most dangerous animal in all of Africa.

What do hippos sweat?

Hippos sweat pink goo because of how their bodies work. Alsotheir skin. . The stuff they sweat out act a little as a natural sun screen,which helps protect their skin when they aren't submerged. . It's fairly similar to the waxy oils us human produce that makesour foreheads and noses look all shin ( Full Answer )

Where are a hippos balls?

Sometimes one or two in the pocket of its slacks, but most usuallyin the cart with its clubs.

How does a hippo sweat?

They're skin turns pink when they're in the sun and get really hot and it acts as a sunscreen. The pink skin also acts as an antibiotic so that when they return to the feces filled water covered in cuts after fighting, they don't get infections.

What are the species of hippos?

There are probably only 2 living species: Hippopotamus ( Hippopotamus amphibius) Pygmy hippopotamus ( Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis) The Malagasy hippopotamus (3 separate names) is believed extinct, along with another half dozen prehistoric versions from various habita ( Full Answer )

What can kill a hippo?

Poacher, lions will attack if injured, elephant, rhinoceros, and a group of large crocodiles are the serious threats to a hippo.

What are the pedators of a hippo?

Crocodiles eat young hippos, but they won't tangle with an adult hippo. Lions have been known to attack hippos, but only out of desperation when there is nothing else to eat and only in packs...a single lion would be no match for an adult hippo. Even when attacked by a pack of lions, the hippo is li ( Full Answer )

How dangeruos is a hippo?

a hippo is very dangerous because its jaws are very strong and could easily kill you if you got to close not that hippos will kill you when they see you.

Is hippo omniorous?

sure its enormous! well uh....... wait uh............ you spelled enormous wrong, either that or you ment something else but oh well! i think so. if its the other word that means it eats both meats and plant food( not from a can kind of food ) then uh i have to ask you a question. How am i suppose t ( Full Answer )

What is the strongest hippo?

Male hippos are the strongest hippos, weighing up to 4.5 tons (9000 lbs) for old adults. One powerful bite from their large jaws produces about 2000 psi to 2500 psi of pressure, and is strong enough to bite a large nile crocodile in half!

What can kill hippos?

Hunters or farmers with guns, lions if the hippo is too badly injured, a group of large crocodiles, adult elephants, disease, starvation, dehydration, other hippos, etc.

How you can jump?

You are able to jump by using your feet to apply force to theground and then using this force to allow you to lift off theground.