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Hitting with flat tennis balls doesn't necessarily hurt your strings all that much, but it definitely hurts your game.

They can hurt your strings a little if you are using all of your might to swing into the tennis ball, and because it is flat the ball will flatten out over the strings and cause more areas of the string to become weaker.


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New tennis balls are considered fresh and not "flat". Old tennis balls exposed to play and air become flat and do not perform normally in a match.

Tennis balls die! A tennis ball is pressurized, Over time the pressure is released. = to a flat tire or basket ball.

Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

Tennis balls are geared for different court surfaces. There are tennis balls specifically designed for clay, hard court, and grass court surfaces. Check on the outside of the tennis ball can for the type of court surfaces you should use them on. For example, some tennis balls are specificially made for clay court surfaces. Some tennis balls work on hard court surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Check out your local sports store for many different brands. You also want to make sure that the balls you are playing with are "flat". Tennis balls lose their air pressure after you play with them. You can keep them in a special pressurized tennis ball can, but these are not used very much anymore. Make sure to open a new can of tennis balls when you hit the tennis course for a match. In fact, this a rule in tennis tournaments and leagues. You can squeeze the tennis ball to determine if it is flat. If you can easily squeeze it then it is most likely flat. Or you can bounce the ball to tell. Old tennis balls should be thrown away if they have lost most of their fuzz as well.

Because they bounce more. And they have more air in them so they dont go flat.

A backboard is a flat vertical surface used in basketball to which the basket is attached, or a wall in the game of tennis, often used for practice, where balls can be hit at a flat surface in order to practise hitting.

i am not sure but when it gets hot balls tend to expand and preforme like flat balls but when its cold balls usually contract and get tighter and bounce higher.

Paddles, 2 to 4 depending if you play singles or doubles, 9 inch net and a flat playing surface, 10 feet wide and 18 feet long. Balls are similar to tennis balls but the fuzz has been eliminated. Road tennis is very popular in Barbados. Now where can you buy the equipment?

Get two tennis balls and but them in an old men's sock. Tie the end of the sock and then lie on the tennis balls or put the sock with the tennis balls against a door Frame and back against it and roll it up and down your static nerve. This should help release that tightness. Also lay flat on your stomach and have someone but the ball of their fist or their elbow into that nerve and gently rub until it releases sometimes they may have to try to pull your leg up and stretch it out for you. Then ice it for twenty minutes.

Yes. I had a piano tuned to A-flat major. I purchased an old piano with old rusty strings. The piano tuner was afraid that if he tuned the piano to a 440 A that the strings would break. So instead he tuned the A Sharp to 440. As a result the A was tuned to A flat. Eventually, I replaced the strings and another tuner pulled the strings up so that the A was 440. He did it gradually.

Light hitting a flat mirror at an angle is reflected at the same angle, relative to the mirror surface.

if it doesent have a top on it

When you use them, they may start to lose their color from being bounced and thrown around. And they may also start to get flat; also from bouncing. I hope this is what you were looking for :) Hope this helps! -Kay

I'm guessing you mean open strings together? You have to keep your bow flat, going slow until the bow is on both strings.

Tennis Slice ServeTo hit a slice serve in tennis you must come around the side of the ball. For a right-hander, your strings must connect and 'brush' around the outer right side of the ball. This brushing means you don't get the power of a flat serve, however it allows a greater angle to be achieved and the ball slides away from your opponent (or into the opponent's body) on contact with the ground. Putting spin on the serve allows you to control the ball better. It is the best serve to use in doubles where getting the ball in play is more important than hitting the hardest serve possible.

Yes they do, if you look closley enough they do

Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface, usually grass, clay, a hardcourt of concrete and/or asphalt and occasionally carpet (indoor).

There are four types of serves in tennis: The Flat Serve, The Slice Serve, The Kick Serve, and the American Twist.

singing flat is not quite hitting the note that you are suppose to be singing. you may be less than1/4 of a note away.

for one thing it keeps you from falling flat on your face every time you move. that would help a lot in tennis.

The canister is actually pressurized to balance the pressure inside the container with the pressure inside the tennis balls. This will prevent the balls from going flat. The pressure inside the balls is 12 psi over the normal air pressure (for comparison, the pressure in a car tire might be something like 32 psi). The rubber shell of a tennis ball isn't enough by itself to keep the ball bouncing high, so the pressurized air inside the ball makes it springier. Even though the rubber shell may seem impermeable to air, it isn't. It slowly lets out air until the pressure inside the ball equals the air pressure around it. The pressurized can prevents this from happening until it's opened.

A Kokle is an instrument from the Baltic countries such as Latvia. It has strings and lays flat. It sounds like a harp.

Yes, the headstock can be flat, but it can't be flat and in the same plane as the fretboard - there would be no way to put pressure on the strings at the nut. Most Fender electrics have a flat headstock, but in a lower plane than the fretboard.

A tennis ball is essentially a pressurized rubber ball covered with cloth. The rubber is not completely impermeable, however, and slowly leaks over time, just like a latex balloon eventually loses its air. Also, the rubber loses some of its elasticity, although that effect is probably negligible, inasmuch as even unused tennis balls that have been removed from their pressure pack become "dead."

Hot because when the ball is hot it has more pressure as if it were cold then it would be kind of flat. :)

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