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Can holes be drilled in a Microlam beam that is 25' long x 3 thick X 16 high?

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As a roof truss/I-joist/beam designer, I can tell you that you should not cut ANY holes in a microlam beam without consulting an I-joist/beam designer first. Microlam beams are not calculated to have holes cut in them. This requires special engineering.
Depending on the size of the hole and it's placement, and the load that the beam is carrying you may not be able to cut a hole in it at all. Considering the 25' length (if this is a clear-spanning beam) I can warn you that abeam designer is probably going to tell you to find a different solution for this issue.

Hope this helps!

2007-07-21 14:21:29
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What are the specs for drilling microlam beams?

I checked and per a Roseburg Forest Products booklet holes up to 2" are permitted as follows: No more than 3 holes. Square and rectangular holes are not permitted. Does not apply for cantilevers. Hole to be centered on height of beam. Holes (if more than one) must be a minimum of 4" clear distance between holes. Hole must be at least 2 1/2 times height of beam away from load bearing point

What is the maximum spa of a microlam beam?

Microllam is typically sawed into 1.25 inch wide planks. These planks are made into beams that span up to 16 feet.

How do you stop an infrared beam?

With thick black vinyl.

How do you apply a fence post on a dry concrete pad?

First make sure that the concrete is thick enough to attach a beam to. It should have a footing where you plan to install the beam. In your local hardware store there is a specific metal object that is used. I can't think of the name but basically the metal object sits on the concrete and looks like a large square cup that is sized for your beam and sits maybe 6" off the ground. The metal object is then attached to the concrete with special screws or nails that are inserted into holes that are drilled with a hammer drill and masonry bits. Once the metal mount is attached to the concrete, insert and level the beam and on each side of the "cup" there are spaces for nails or screws to attach the beam to the concrete.

What does a 24 foot iron support beam weigh?

There is no way to answer this question without knowing 1) How thick and how wide the beams is, and 2) What shape the beam is: I-beam? H-beam? Tubular beam? Wide-flange beam?

How thick is a balance beam?

4in. Wide, 6in. Tall

How big is a weavers beam?

The weaver's beam is a large wooden beam which is part of a big loom. It has been estimated at 2.5 inches thick and 7 feet long.

What is the meaning of ''the weaver's beam''?

The weaver's beam is a large wooden beam which is part of a big loom. It has been estimated at 2.5 inches thick and 7 feet long.

What is a micro lam beam?

Microlam (or glulam) is an engineered timber product that is made from layers or wood held together with adhesives. The end product is generally made into lengths or beams that are stronger and less prone to warping and twisting than standard timber products.

How do you hang curtains in a conservatory?

You can get a aluminium beam fixed on the top of the door or window, or if you have a glass wall then on the level where you want to hang the curtains from. Then take the curtain and make some holes at regular distances. You get some ready to use pin holes to put around the curtain holes. Just stick them in and you are good to go. Put the curtain on the beam and it's done.

Is beam a noun?

Yes, the word 'beam' is both a noun (beam, beams) and a verb (beam, beams, beaming, beamed).The noun 'beam' is a word for a ray or shaft of light; a word for a long, thick piece of metal, wood, or stone shaped as supports for structures or machines; a word for a thing.The verb 'beam' is to transmit a radio signal; to shine brightly; to smile with joy.

Laser beam technology is used for?

A laser is a device which produces an intense beam by stimulated emission of photons. This technology is used in repairing detached retinas, barcodes, making holograms and drilling holes in metals.

How can light travel in straight lines?

Light travels faster than air. Its beam are straight so that it travels through holes.

What is pine pitch?

Pine pitch is a thick sticky sap taken from pine trees. It would be used to coat barrels and ships to make them water proof. A beam is make of only one material is called pitch pine beam.

What is the purpose of the footing of a beam bridge?

The footing carries the entire load of the bridge from the columns up to the foundation so that these loads can be disbursed into the soil. The foundation can be several different things including driven piles or drilled shafts.

Types of beam?

Continous beamSimply supported beamCantilever beamFixed beamPropped cantilever beam

When driving in foggy weather, if the fog is so thick cannot see ahead all you shold :?

Use low-beam headlights. When visibility is restricted, a driver's natural tendency is to activate the high-beam headlights. When driving in fog, this further impairs visibility because the high-beam illumination reflects off of the fog and back at your vehicle.

What line type is drawn thick to indicate a supporting beam on the foundation plan?

I'm almost positive it's a center line. I have the book with this question as well.

What are the different types of beams?

Tee beam, L beam & Inverted beam tayyab.. there are many other types of beam such as cantilever beam , simply supported beam . t beam . knife edge beam and many more

What is a light beam?

A light beam is a beam of light.

What is the best way to drill through a 5 cm long metal beam without wasting more than 3 bits?

Assuming the beam is made of steel you must use a special hardened bit, run the drill very slowly, use lots of cutting oil to lubricate and cool the bit, and you can successfully drill as many holes as you need with only one bit.If you allow the bit to get hot it will lose its temper and the cutting edge will break down, rapidly destroying the bit.If I recall correctly the last time I drilled a hole in stainless steel I needed to buy a $20 bit, but by going very slow and using lots of cutting oil I got the hole drilled. No way I could have afforded to buy a second one of those bits then (let alone 3)!!!!!!

How thick does a wood beam need to be to support 15 kilos perpendicular to the grain?

This depends on the type of wood and how evenly distributed both the load and the supports for the piece of wood are.

Name a type of beam you wouldn't want to balance on?

Light/Sun Beam Laser Beam Roof Beam Jim Beam

What is the definition for beam bridge?

Beam, beam, and more beam, and there is your awnser ( I really don't know.)

In Pokemon Sapphire which is better Solar-Beam or Hyper-Beam?

Hyper Beam.