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Can home speakers be used as car speakers?

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Yes, but car speakers are made more durable for the harsh environment they are likely to encounter like the cold, heat and rain.

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Can computer speakers be used in a car?

if they could they would be called car speakers not computer

Can car speakers be used as disco speakers?

uh huh

Does pioneer make mp3 speakers?

Pioneer does make some MP3 speakers. They offer a great variety of different types of MP3 speakers that can be used in your car or in the comfort of your own home.

Are Bose car speakers any good?

Bose car speakers are actually surprisingly good, and much better than their home surround sound speakers.

Home amplifier in a car what do you think for a beginner?

Expensive. Home Amps require 120V AC power source. You will need a power inverter capable of running the amp that is run from the car battery (12V DC). Car Speakers are rated at different Ohms and Watts then home Stereo Speakers so using a home amp will fry your car speakers. Best to get a car amplifier that is made to run off the stereo power your speakers.

Why are car speaker 4 ohms and home speakers 8 ohms I understand the technical difference but why is there a difference?

Car stereos use 12V which is lower than the 30V used in home stereos. Power = voltage^2/Resistance. To get the same power with lower voltage the speaker resistance is lower. Most home speakers are now 4 Ohms and car speakers are now 2 Ohms.

Car Speakers?

form_title= Car Speakers form_header= Jam out in your car with new car speakers! What size speakers do you want?*= _ Have the speakers ever been replaced?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for new speakers?*= () Yes () No

What are two companies that make car speakers?

Two of the major companies which make car speakers are Bose and Bang and Olufsen. They are a good place to start as they also make high quality speakers for the home.

What is the purpose of the computer speakers?

Computer speakers are used to transmit sounds from your computer to your ears much like headphones or the speakers in a car.

Can home speakers be powered by car amplifiers?

Technically, yes. Any speaker can be hooked up to a car amp. Be careful though, car speakers aren't rated for that kind of power normally.

How to REPAIR your car speakers?

get a new car speakers

Where can I find an amplifier for Bose speakers?

Bose speakers designed for home theater / home stereo applications can be powered by any stereo or surround receiver with sufficient power output for the ratings of the speakers. Bose speakers for car stereo applications must be powered by Bose amplifiers, since they have a special super-low impedence design which is not used by other manufacturers. Bose speakers for MP3 players have their own amplifier built into the speakers.

Are 8 ohm speakers for the home stereo and 4 ohm speakers for the car?

I am also looking for a better answer to this question. I have always known that almost all car speakers were 4 ohms, unless talking about subwoofers and/or dual coiled speakers, and that home speakers were 8 ohms. And until recently have thought this to be true. Until I looked on the back of my dads pair of Dynaudio speakers and saw that the impedence was 4 ohms. Now I am completely confused. Initially I thought it was due to the Voltage and Current that Car audio lacks and Home Audio has plenty of and then I see this!!! LOL

Can you use a car subwoofer for your Home theatre system?

While it is possible it is not wise. There eill be a mismatch of everything from the power to the load and this will ultimately damage the equipment. Most car speakers are meant to run on a different impedence that home speakers.

What kind of products does Sony offer for Surround Sound?

Sony offers a avriety of surround sound products. They are car speakers, television speakers and home entertainment speakers as well. There are wireless speakers and different lenghts when it comes to hardwired speakers.

Best car audio door speakers?

The best car door speakers are Infinity.

What types of speakers does Sonus Faber make?

The Sonus Faber company typically makes stylish car stereo speakers. It also makes your usual home speakers and subwoofers. The designs are more stylish looking than traditional speakers.

Can stereo speakers be used as car speakers?

In most cases; yes. That depends on the humidity of where the car is going to operate. If the environmental conditions are harsh, the speaker membranes must cope with it. Stereo-speakers, generally manufactured for indoor use might not. <><><>

How were car speakers invented?

Motorola built a radio for use in cars using many of the same parts of vacuum tube table model radios at the same time, The speakers they mounted in the car were the same type used in table model radios.Therefor car speakers were not invented, existing speakers were just used.

Where are electromagnets used in the home?

Electromagnets are used in many things such as in televisions, blenders, doorbells, and speakers

Where can someone purchase 10 inch car speakers?

You can purchase 10 inch car speakers at any car accessory or audio retailers. They can sell you car speakers and other miscellaneous items and accessories.

What are the best car audio speakers?

This is only a opinion I think Coby speakers are best for car.

Does car aerial have to do with speakers?

No, the car aerial does not have to do with the speakers. Both of these items are not related. The aerials is for the radio and control the stations. The speakers are in a different compartment.

What size are the stock speakers in a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

Car Audio Front Tweeter Size: 2″ TweetersCar Audio Front Speakers Size: 6″ x 8″ SpeakersCar Audio Rear Speakers Size: 6″ x 8″ SpeakersCar Subwoofer Rear Speakers Size: 8″ SubwooferWelcome :)

What is the top brand of car speakers?

Kenwood is considered one of the top manufacturers of car speakers today.

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