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Can homeowner's insurance help if you were held hostage in a home?

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Home Hostage Situations No, Home owners Insurance would not be able to help you in a hostage situation. You should contact your local authorities or call 911.

Homeowners Liability Insurance does not provide coverage for illegal or criminal acts of the insured nor of others. However if your home was damaged as a result of the hostage situation or some other crime, your home insurance property coverage should still provide coverage for those damages.

Yes, if you were to experience a covered loss while being held hostage, I see no reason that your claim should be denied solely because you are a stuck in a hostage situation. If you are indeed being held hostage, and need to file a claim, simply sit down with your captor and explain the situation, compliance is likely. Let him/her know that most experienced property adjusters have seen there fair share of strange things and know when and when not to ask questions, besides, at the forefront of the adjuster's mind is the gross dollar amount of your claim and how quickly it can be closed so he/she can bill the insurer.

** If someone is a hostage in your house and you have homeowners' insurance (inclusive of personal injury liability AND not excluding false arrest, detention, or imprisonment) and the hostage situation was not caused by or at the direction of an insured then your homeowners' insurance should respond if someone files a claim against you for the situation, subject to any other terms, conditions, and exclusions within the policy.

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